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Friday Fashion: Forecasting February fashion weeks

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While battling through the insanely confusing Ohio winter weather, it has been hard to remember that there really are seasons and they are normally predictable. With this somewhat lost convention comes a slew of fashion trends meant to brighten the weather.

In October, I wrote an article about the trends that had emerged from spring and summer fashion shows, and while those trends have yet to emerge in full force, retailers’ new spring clothes are proving these trends will live out. Spring will be a battleground for neons and pastels. Even a glance at Forever 21’s website homepage will confirm an influx of sheer bold pieces, while also nodding to the “pretty pastels, sweet silhouettes and lace detail” look.

So all the madness of Milan, Paris, New York and London fashion weeks really is grounded in wearable, retail fashion. The archaic ideology that it takes years for something to trickle from runway to the box store rack has been made a thing of the past with the speed of design, production and delivery retailers now operate with.

That being said, it’s fashion week time again. New York will begin Feb. 9, London on Feb. 17, Milan on Feb. 22 and Paris on Feb. 28. So what will the trends be? What will designers immediately run to their studios to start sketching and get off to production?

Looking at the past two weeks of high-fashion shows, there are already emerging trends.

One of my biggest annoyances is always the lack of color in the winter. If you read my column regularly, you know what I’m talking about. The same thing happens every year. March rolls around and color magically emerges from the lack-luster winter canvas. This year, however, could be different. I am hoping to see some color risks in this year’s biggest looks. And of course, I’m sure the lace and sheer trends will carry through styled under layers.

If the menswear collections that showed over the past few weeks are any sort of indication, womenswear in fall 2012 might be heavy in tweeds and velvets. Then again, doesn’t fall menswear always include tweed and velvet?

Based on bags and small leather goods seen in the menswear shows, mainly Burberry Prorsum, gold studding might make a splash. And if Marc Jacobs can serve as a benchmark (he typically does), bold prints will remain trendy and mixed with rich primary colors.

Needless to say, I am excited to see what my shopping list will look like come September. If you have a good eye, you might even be able to grab rollover winter trends while they’re on clearance now. Stay tuned to February’s fashion week coverage to develop your wish list early.

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