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Commentary: Kim Kardashian flour-bombing sends message about fur

Courtesy of MCT

Kim Kardashian received what many are now calling a “flour-bombing” by an activist at an event Thursday, apparently in connection with her tendencies to wear fur.

An animal rights activist, allegedly associated with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, poured flour on Kardashian after yelling “fur hag” during a red carpet event at The London West Hollywood where Kardashian was promoting a fragrance called True Reflection.

Initially after the incident, Kardashian let Los Angeles Police release the suspected bomber, but there are reports she might have changed her mind and pressed charges.

Kardashian handled what happened in stride. Although I wasn’t there, watching the videos gives me the sense that she had very little of a reaction, which is surprising for her. She walked away, body guard in tow. She reappeared in the same clothes, dusted off, and refreshed and even joked to the audience about how she had told her makeup artist she needed more powder on her face.

Even more ironic, Kim’s younger sister, Khloe, appeared in the nude at a PETA campaign in 2008 for its “Anything But Fur” campaign.

So many are wondering: Did the 31-year-old celebrity deserve something like a flour bomb to open her eyes to her frequent fur-wearing ways? Finally somebody humiliates a Hollywood figure that most love to hate, right?

The first thing that I thought when I heard the news was, “It’s been a long time coming.” Don’t get me wrong, I am an avid Kardashian fan, but for as much as I watch the sisters, I know how much Kim Kardashian, in particular, does wear fur.

I know that the reality-television star has been the object of PETA’s criticisms before, with the organization asking her to stop wearing her fur and calling her selfish. I do understand that fur is a staple in fashion and happens to be a part of Kim Kardashian’s stardom, but I think she has to realize she is a very public figure and role model for many, so she does set a huge example.

When she wears fur, she is sending a message to many.

Not that I am condoning someone throwing flour on anyone unexpectedly, but I do think the activist got her message across in a big way, which is what activists are supposed to do.

One thing is for certain: I guarantee Kim Kardashian thinks twice before wearing that chinchilla fur shrug next time.

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