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Sullinger: Aaron Craft is ‘always correcting our English’

Cody Cousino / Photo editor

Ohio State sophomore point guard Aaron Craft is known for his ability to guard players on the court, but some of his teammates said he is just as adamant about guarding against their poor grammar off the court.

When a reporter asked Craft if he had vices and faults, he replied, “I absolutely do,” before passing the question to two of his teammates – senior guard William Buford and sophomore forward Jared Sullinger.


“He thinks he knows everything, for one,” Buford immediately responded, before leaning over to Craft and joking with him.

Sullinger backed Buford up.

“That’s on the court and off the court. As a point guard, you kind of need that on the court, but I mean, he’s always correcting our English and our grammar and all that good stuff,” he said.

While Buford and Sullinger did not go into much detail and kept the comments lighthearted, apparently not wanting to give their teammate too hard of a time, Craft did not deny his teammates’ claims.

In fact, he said he is a stickler for grammar because it will help his teammates when interacting with others in the future, but more simply, because poor grammar is a pet peeve of his.

“I do correct their English because I’m trying to prepare them for a situation where they might be with someone important and they don’t want to have the same mistake there,” Craft said. “And it just bothers me when they use bad English. A lot.”

The Buckeyes next play Kansas in the Final Four in New Orleans. Tip is set for Saturday at about 9 p.m. The winner will advance to the national championship game Monday.

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