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Upstart Columbus band has no regrets

Side B concert April 7 at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.

This is part of our weekly series titled “Columbus’ Own,” where we profile a local band every Thursday.

Prince, Led Zeppelin and the Supremes walk into a bar. Oh wait, that is just The Regrettes, an up-and-coming Columbus soul and R&B revival band.

Drummer Adam Scoppa said he always wanted to start a “Motown-inspired” group. In December he brought together five local musicians and friends to form the band, and it has been moving quickly ever since.

“It’s been like a forward-moving train,” said vocalist Lizzy Morris. “It’s been ridiculous.”

The members have known each other for years in the Columbus’ music scene, but The Regrettes is the first time all six have shared a stage.

They bonded over a mutual love of oldies, girl-fronted soul acts, Led Zeppelin and pop performers such as Prince and Michael Jackson, all of which the band uses as inspiration.

The band played at the CD101 Day Side B concert April 7 at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion. It competed against other local acts and won a spot as openers.

“We recorded a song, took band pictures and wrote a bio within a week’s time to submit it for the contest,” said vocalist Meghan Hutchinson.

The Regrettes followed up Side B, which several members recalled as “the best night of my life,” with the (614) Magazine Music Showcase and the Columbus Commons Earth Day Celebration.

In addition to performing with The Regrettes, most members also balance performing with other bands and working. Most said the joy of hearing their song on the radio is well worth it.

“It’s like being Clark Kent and Superman,” said guitarist Dennis Tanner. “I love music and I will be there any night, but with bills and school and everything else … you still have to do something to pay for that.”

Hutchinson added returning to her job as a barista at Starbucks after a night of playing to packed rooms is somewhat of a letdown.

Many of the band’s lyrics, written by Morris and Hutchinson, focus on romantic and family relationships. And while almost all of the members’ families previously suggested they get “real” jobs, family members who were once doubtful are now supportive, Hutchinson said.

“Our families were intense at CD101 Day,” Hutchinson said. “My family all wore homemade Regrettes T-shirts my mom made.”

The spelling of ‘Regrettes’ is a throwback to bands that inspired them, such as the Ronettes, and symbolizes understanding and accepting mistakes.

“It’s about letting go of regrets that you have,” Hutchinson said.

Scoppa said the influence of these bands and soul music lead the band to play dance and party music.

“Within the first five seconds, if you’re not tapping your foot, then we need to go back to the drawing board,” Scoppa said.

Morris said the band hopes to record soon.

“Basically we’re just getting money to record the album,” Morris said. “We would like to do a little mini-tour this summer.”

The group doesn’t have anything set in stone for the summer, as it is still enjoying the whirlwind from the past few months.

“I think right now we’re day-to-day,” Morris said. “If we started looking far ahead, we’d all have anxiety attacks.”

Morris said The Regrettes just wants to continue to entertain and enjoy itself.

“We want to keep it fun,” Morris said. “This is about us genuinely loving each other and wanting to spend time together and make music.”

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