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Warm weather complicates daily grind

Kristen Mitchell / Lantern photographer

Balancing school work and a social life can be a common struggle for many college students, especially with the welcoming of sunshine and warm weather during Spring Quarter.

This time of year means many things to Ohio State students, including the revitalization of Oval Beach and other outdoor events, making it difficult to stay focused on the 10 weeks of classes before summer.

Staying motivated to complete coursework while knowing that friends are outside doing other things is one of the biggest challenges students face during Spring Quarter, said Jennifer Paulson, a second-year in English.

“As much fun as there is going on, I think it takes reminding yourself why you’re here and the reason you’re able to do all these things and participate in all these events is because you do go to The Ohio State University,” Paulson said. “You’re here for school ultimately, so I just like to keep that in the back of my head. It keeps me driven.”

Some OSU students admit to purposely changing their schedule to take an easier workload in anticipation for the activities that come during this time.

Clay Risinger, a fourth-year in business, remembers his first Spring Quarter and enrolling in GEC classes that would allow time for all things not related to academics.

“It was my first spring and of course you want to go out on the Oval and enjoy yourself,” Risinger said. “I was single at the time so I wanted to go out and have fun. So, all of those things were running through my mind. I tried to figure out the easiest classes possible.”

Studying outside makes keeping up with classes enjoyable, said Chelsea Moherman, a second-year in pharmaceutical sciences. Outdoor activities such as concerts, intramural sports like soccer and baseball, and anything else that allows OSU students to be outside to enjoy the rising temperatures is common.

“The nice weather motivates you to exercise more and go outside to do things,” said Emily King, a third-year in health sciences. “I definitely like to ride my bike along the Olentangy River and I’m going to play in an intramural soccer team. It’s harder to want to do school work because it’s nice out and you’re looking forward to summer.”

Graduating seniors experiencing “senioritis” struggle to find motivation for the last quarter of their college education, Risinger said. Having already accepted a job offer prior to graduation, Risinger said he wakes up sometimes without any desire to attend classes.

“I have two posters hanging in my room and one of them says, ‘Ambition: The world makes way for those who know where they are going,'” Risinger said. “I wake up in the morning and that’s the first thing I look at and it gives me a little inspiration.”

As this is the last quarter at OSU before the switch to semesters, some students said they feel like this Spring Quarter means more to them.

“Spring Quarter is like the light at the end of the tunnel, the last months,” Paulson said. “That’s why everyone has so much fun during it.”

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