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Ohio State Electronic Music Club and Columbus band to turn tables at local restaurant opening

Amanda Abney / Lantern reporter

The Electronic Music Club at Ohio State is bringing Columbus’ own DJ/VJ duo roeVy and an EMC lineup to the soft opening of RIO Eat and Drink on High Street.

EMC founder and 2011 OSU alumnus David Foust, EMC president Arthur Brehm, DJ Jack Herrera and roeVy are scheduled to perform at the spring EMC event at 10 p.m Friday at RIO Eat and Drink, located at 2159 N. High St.

The club’s mission is to expose people to different types of electronic music.

“The Electronic Music Club is a student organization started in order to share different styles of electronic music and give people the opportunity to explore something that they wouldn’t have already been acquainted with,” Brehm said.

Foust, a graduate student in city and regional planning and urban land economics, formed EMC in 2009 with Marco Satala, who now attends Boston College Law School. Foust said they wanted to help people become more in tune with electronic music.

“In order to make exploration of EDM genres as easy as possible, we decided to bring the music to them through our DJ workshops, production workshops and shows,” Foust said.

Some student members in EMC said the club is a way for them to further their learning of DJing.

“I like the people in it, the opportunities it provides to get involved in the scene, and the equipment it allows me to use,” said Cory Eft, a first-year in physics.

Ken Connolly, a fourth-year in business operations, agreed.

“I have definitely seen growth in my DJing because of it,” Connolly said.

Brehm said the lineup for this show is tied to the club.

“We booked most of the lineup from the first EMC fundraiser,” Brehm said. “It’s kind of like a reunion show, so it’s like an EMC all-stars plus roeVy show.”

Foust said he sees this show as a continuation of the group’s original philosophy of putting music out there for students to choose from, as well as a bit of nostalgia.

“It certainly creates a certain degree of nostalgia to play an EMC show again,” Foust said.

RoeVy announced on its Twitter and Facebook accounts that it has been signed to a record label.

“Dearest friends, we are proud to announce we have just signed to Designer Drugs’ label Sex Cult and will have details on our new EP frightfully soon,” roeVy posted on its Facebook fan page Monday.  

For some who have been following the progression of roeVy, the news doesn’t come as a shock.

“What better time to get this news than the week of their show at RIO,” said Network EDM DJ Bryan Keller. “I’m sure they will be coming out super pumped up and ready to kill it.”

For Brehm, a roeVy show offers a different experience.

“They have laser eyes, you are clouded in fog, there is really evocative imagery and it all goes perfectly with the music,” Brehm said. “It’s more than seeing a concert, it’s like being in a movie.”

Some students are excited for the show’s high energy.

“The show at RIO should be a big night for us, so I am definitely excited,” Eft said.

Connolly agreed.

“It’s a very crazy audio and video experience. You can’t do anything but jump up and down for an hour,” Connolly said.

Tickets for the show are $10 in advance through the RIO Eat and Drink and will be $12 the day of the show.

This event is open to anyone age 18 and up.

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