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Restaurant review: Waffle House more like awful house

Thomas Bradley / Campus editor

But how would a Waffle House fare on campus? How would the usual bar-hopping, beer-chugging, shot-pounding crowd fit in with the diner atmosphere at all hours of the night? About two weeks into its opening, it seems the High Street location of Waffle House is lively at all hours of the day.

Seating is a problem, however. There are not enough seats in the small restaurant to meet the demand at 2:30 a.m. on the weekends, with roughly 10 tables in the restaurant nestled cozily next to The Big Bar & Grill. Too often I walked to Waffle House to get a taste for myself and had to walk away because of the long wait.

Finally, I was able to get a seat Wednesday night and began weighing my options. Waffle House has a dinner menu, it was to my surprise that it has options other than waffles, but honestly if you are named after a waffle, I feel more than obligated to order a waffle. And, since I’m actually 4 years old, I got chocolate chips on my waffle too.

Full disclosure time: I might be the only person in the world that has never had Waffle House. This was truly my first experience.

Here’s my only issue. I feel like if you are going to name a restaurant after one food, you should make that food at least three times better than anyone else. This might come as news to no one, but Waffle House’s waffles are not good. I am picturing fluffy Belgium-style waffles, maybe a couple different kinds of syrups and warm whipped butter to top it off.


This might be harsh, but these waffles are a slight improvement from Eggo waffles.

The bacon and eggs I got with my chocolate chip waffle were good, probably better than the waffle.

Lastly, with such a small space for a restaurant, maybe I’m wrong, but it seemed like there are way too many people working there. The employee-to-customer ratio was staggering, and seemed inefficient. That in no way made the food worse, in fact, it probably made the service better.

Let’s take for example, the International House of Pancakes (IHOP). IHOP’s pancakes are very good, not great, but I can’t think of a place that consistently does pancakes better. The newly-opened Burger Works next door has some incredible (and pricey) burgers. Buffalo Wild Wings has some great wings with a large variety of flavors.

Waffle House’s waffles just don’t live up to the name.

Grade: C+

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