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Review: Carrie Underwood blows off country on new album

I do not know if I’ve ever encountered an album that left me with as many questions as Carrie Underwood’s fourth studio album, “Blown Away.” It really left me wondering.

Sure, the former “American Idol” winner showed off her powerful voice throughout the album, but Underwood seemed to be lacking any direction. She jumped to-and-from moods, tempos and even genres.

The album leads off with the first single from the album, titled “Good Girl.” This sassy, upbeat, vintage Underwood song has recently reached the top 10 of Billboard’s Top Country chart. From here, the album takes an unexpected detour toward songs that would be considered somewhat gloomy for Underwood.

She steers away from her country roots toward slower pop songs such as “Two Black Cadillacs” and “See You Again” in the first half of the album. As these songs kept painfully creeping along, I kept asking myself, “What exactly is she going for here?”

Then, just before I could not take it anymore, Underwood finished up the second half of her album with the attitude-filled country and soft love songs we have all come to know and love with her. It was as if she was playing a big joke on us for the first half of the album before showing off all her talents in the second half.

The upbeat tracks such as “Nobody Ever Told You” and “One Way Ticket” once again made me a believer in Underwood. I enjoyed the foot-tapping music in the second half of her album very much and kept questioning, “Where was this in the first half of the album?”

“Blown Away,” the tale of two album halves, ended up getting better as the tracks went on. Underwood does not need to change her style again anytime soon. We love Underwood the way she is. She just needs to be herself next time.

Grade: B-

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