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Review: CBS’ ‘Elementary’ spotlights a modern-day Sherlock Holmes in an excellent way

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Fast-paced, witty speech paired with a cornucopia of deductive reasoning makes CBS’s “Elementary” an excellent crime-solving show.

Jonny Lee Miller plays an ex-drug addict, detective and low-key beekeeper living in New York City named Sherlock Holmes. He broke out of his drug rehab center on the day he was to be released, simply for the fun of it. Holmes’ rich father has sent him a personal assistant to help him with his crime solving and to make sure that he is completing his drug rehabilitation on his own. The personal assistant his father has sent is named Joan Watson, played by Lucy Liu, who has been featured in movies such as “Kill Bill: Vol. 1″ and “Charlie’s Angels”

Deductive reasoning has always been a part of crime investigation television shows, but “Elementary” takes it to an entirely different level. Holmes baffles common police officers with crime solving that only he can fully understand. In the pilot episode, which aired Thursday, he walks into the main crime scene which was previously thought to be a kidnapping, and within five minutes determines it was a murder and uncovers the body. All he needed to determine this were his observational skills and one glass marble. However, coming off as a jerk is a consequence of Holmes’ social awkwardness and intelligence.

Watson balances out Holmes very well. She is usually just one step behind him in the crime-solving, but she has far more superior people skills. This natural balance allows them to pull off a good cop, bad cop scenario with Watson bringing Holmes down to earth in a way he so desperately needs.

As far as crime scene investigation goes, “Elementary” is not much different. The eccentric and often humorous personality of Holmes is what makes this show great. There was very little if any action to be seen in this show. The bulk of it is focused on Holmes and his fast-tracked thought processes that leaves everyone else in the dust.

To cap off the deductive reasoning skills of Holmes, at the end of the episode he wants to go to dinner but Watson wants to watch the last inning of the New York Mets’ baseball game. So to speed things up, Holmes claims the game is very scientific and predicts the end of the game based solely off of what he has seen so far. He predicts the Mets lose 2-3 to the Cincinnati Reds via a pop-up fly to end the game. They leave for dinner and he ends up being correct. Sorry, Mets fans.

“Elementary” is scheduled to air 10 p.m. Thursdays on CBS.

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