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Commentary: ‘Boy Meets World’ unfortunately to be rebooted as ‘Girl Meets World’

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There are a lot of things I wish I could bring back from my childhood in the ’90s. Dunkaroos, Pogs and Starter team jackets should have never faded into the 2000s. I still listen to “Jock Jams,” play “Mario Kart” and “James Bond” on the Nintendo 64, and I’d be lying if I said a few friends and I never played “Pokemon Red” our freshman year of college.

But on Monday, reports confirmed a rumor that Disney is trying to resurrect one of my favorite TV shows from the ’90s: “Boy Meets World.”

This is a terrible idea.

Disney is currently in talks with former stars of the show Ben Savage, who played Cory Matthews, and Danielle Fishel, who played Topanga Lawrence, to resume their roles, but as the parents of their teenage daughter who would be the star of the new show, to be titled “Girl Meets World.”

Don’t get me wrong, I loved all of the episodes of “Boy Meets World” to death (I don’t acknowledge the college years’ existence) and if there is a rerun of the show on at any time of the day, it is on my TV. Excluding, obviously, those college-year episodes because they never existed.

This new show would, however, end up being nothing like the old one that worked so well, especially with Disney calling the shots.

Instead I envision this turning into “Hannah Montana.” Lots of preteen slapstick humor without a lot of substance. Granted, “Hannah Montana” did very well for itself, but what made “Boy Meets World” great was that while being over-the-top funny, it also dealt with real-life issues middle and high school students go through.

The character of Shawn Hunter, played by Rider Strong, opened up the audience to many challenges that real kids were going through at that time, including the absence of his father, and dealt with them accordingly. I highly fear Disney will “Disney up” this show for all ages, leaving out anything too serious and quickly losing the 20-through-30-year-old crowd that just wants to hear Mr. Feeney departing his life wisdom on the daughter of Cory Matthews.

Will it find success? Potentially yes, but whereas “Boy Meets World” was watchable by almost all ages, “Girl Meets World” probably will not be. I mean, parents actually spent their Friday nights with their kids watching “Boy Meets World” on ABC’s TGIF lineup … and I’m pretty sure they enjoyed it.

Unfortunately Savage and Fishel will probably sign on to try and cash in on some of the success from the glory days and more than likely the show will happen.

I plan to be strong, I plan to hold out and not watch even one episode of this potential new series in an effort to pay homage to the never-to-be-topped original.

At least, until Disney announces the original Shawn will be on “Girl Meets World,” this time with a son of his own, the same age as Cory’s daughter. Then, and only then, I’ll have to give in.

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