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Milwaukee-based band The Delta Routine seeks ‘change-up’ in Columbus

Courtesy of Keegan Wenzler

The Delta Routine has graced several stages with its rock ‘n’ roll, but the band isn’t so familiar with Columbus – and its about to change that this weekend.

The Milwaukee-based group is scheduled to perform in Columbus 7 p.m. Sunday at Scarlet & Grey Café.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Nick Amadeus said the band is looking forward to the Columbus tour stop and the fresh audience to come with it. He added the band has toured through parts of Ohio before but is excited to tour elsewhere in the state.

“Cleveland was a little bit weird,” Amadeus said, laughing. “We wanted a change-up.”

Amadeus also said The Delta Routine has drawn some of its influences from rock band Hero Jr., an Indianapolis-based band that is touring with The Delta Routine. Columbus-based band Up All Nights is also scheduled to perform with the groups at Scarlet & Grey Sunday.

Comprised of Amadeus, keyboardist and vocalist Al Kraemer, guitarist and vocalist Victor Buell IV, bassist and vocalist Evan Paydon and drummer Kyle Ciske, The Delta Routine has had numerous lineup changes in members and instruments since its formation seven years ago. Amadeus said the band found some of its current members by chance at a fashion show.

Another important part of the group though is its producer Mike Hoffman, who came across the band due to being a family friend of Amadeus. He’s been with the band from the group’s release of its self-titled debut album in 2007 up to its fourth and most recent release “Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares” Oct. 9.

“Nick and the guys are very driven, inspired chaps. You know, the only kind I’ll work with,” Hoffman said in an email. “You gotta have rocket fuel in your veins if you’re gonna go anywhere. These guys are tanked up and ready to launch, always.”

Referring to The Delta Routine’s music as rock ‘n’ roll with a bit of a pop element, Amadeus said he normally tries to take the lead on the songwriting aspect of albums by laying down some lyrics, then getting the main beat. He said, however, the band’s last album was a collaborative effort from the group.

Brett Ruland, owner of Spoonful Records located at 116 E. Long St., said the rock scene is still very popular in Columbus and the turnout at The Delta Routine’s show should be pretty large.

“That genre always sells well,” Ruland said. “Indie and rock are the bestsellers here.”

Although Ruland said he has never heard of The Delta Routine, he said he’s open to listening to its music and getting himself and others in the rock ‘n’ roll scene familiar with it.

Scarlet and Grey is located at 2203 N. High St. and will charge a $5 to $10 cover charge at the door for Sunday’s show.

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