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Commentary: Ignore Ohio State football’s Twitter noise, Notre Dame deserved BCS title bid


Some Ohio State football players are delusional, and their Twitter accounts prove it.

As Alabama depantsed and flogged Notre Dame in front of 26.4 million people watching and snickering from home, Buckeye football players raced to their laptops, iPhones or – gasp – perhaps even their athletic department-issued iPads and took to the interwebs to let the world know how they deserved a spot in the BCS National Championship game on Jan. 7.

According to them, the Fighting Irish, which, like OSU, finished the season undefeated, were unfit of the chance to win their first national title since 1988.

Never mind the Crimson Tide – which eventually proved their almost-frightening dominion over the rest of the college football world – couldn’t do what Notre Dame and the Buckeyes did and emerge from the regular season unblemished.

Still, according to some OSU players, Notre Dame backed itself into the sport’s biggest stage despite having nearly an identical, if not better season as coach Urban Meyer’s squad.

The nerve!

It’s not only an absolutely absurd notion but also an exceptionally illogical and ignorant one.

Don’t tell that to some of the most high-profile Buckeyes, though.

Heck, junior running back and Abrams tank Carlos Hyde tweeted he wasn’t going to bother watching the game. He had better things to do, apparently.

From his account, @king_hyde34, he said: “I’d rather play Call of Duty than watch this game tonight. King of COD!”

Good for you, Carlos. Good for you.

Comparatively, Hyde’s comments are pretty docile.

His teammate, junior receiver Corey “Philly” Brown, openly pined for an Alabama victory via his account, @phillybrown10: “Whelp since we not playing in game tonight like we should be… #rolltide lol.”

If you can get past the fact the tweet is missing at least two words, take a gander at the phrase “like we should be.” Talk about awkward, considering NCAA sanctions banned OSU from the postseason. There is no “should be.” But Brown continues to assert the antithesis of that, anyway: 

“@phillybrown10: Headed to Miami to tell Brian Kelly to throw in the towel before it gets ridiculos… Smh clearly one team shouldn’t be there #overrated”

Yet, by that logic, wouldn’t an OSU team that notched only two wins against teams ranked in the Associated Press top 25 poll (No. 24 Michigan and No. 25 Nebraska) be overrated, too? At least Notre Dame beat eventual-Rose Bowl champion No. 7 Stanford.

Who did the Buckeyes beat that Notre Dame didn’t? A Penn State team sanctioned back to the stone age? An at-best average Wisconsin squad?

Here’s another fine gem from Brown after the Tide went up, 21-0, against the Irish with 14:56 in the second quarter:

“@phillybrown10: So much for that great front 7… ND just got 21edddddddddddddddddddd.”

While the 20 D’s really drive the point home, I’m not so certain that “21edddddddddddddddddddd” is a verb, let alone a word.

That’s a bunch of malarkey, Philly.

And so are most arguments that some how, some way, OSU was more deserving of a national championship invite than Notre Dame or deserved an AP national title.

Can you understand OSU’s frustration? Of course, especially considering the penalties that keep them out of the postseason were hardly of their own doing. Was Notre Dame overrated? Maybe – but who’s to say the Buckeyes would’ve fared better against coach Nick Saban’s machine that is Alabama football?

In reality, the struggle of “which team is more deserving” is little more than settling which crew earned the right to be publicly defiled and shamed at the hands of the Crimson Tide.

Like the Irish, OSU is a long, long way from that kind of dominance.

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