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Women’s fashion: Aniston, Obama, Theron reign as Oscar fashionistas

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This year’s Oscars was a night of fashion, films and fun – thanks to the hilarious hosting by Seth MacFarlane. The red carpet is arguably the most glamorous part of the night, filled with the best and worst dressed in designers’ most expensive couture gowns. There were a few standouts whose styles are worth emulating in everyday life – I promise it’s not impossible. Here are some ways you can get an Oscar-worthy look without wearing a gown.

Jennifer Aniston: OK, who doesn’t want to be her? I don’t think this woman can wear anything wrong. Her gorgeous red gown made her a standout among the red carpet crowd, and she looked fabulous during her presentation with Channing Tatum. By wearing very minimal jewelry and keeping her hair simple, she allowed the hue of the dress to be the focal point. Think of Aniston the next time you pull out a rich red piece from your closet ­- go with minimal accessories and simple hair and makeup to allow the color to really shine.

Michelle Obama: Metallic is definitely in this red carpet season and it looks like it’s here to stay. The first lady’s metallic silver and gunmetal gown was breathtaking on-screen and although she sparkled, she managed to avoid looking like a disco ball. I attribute this to the chevron stripes on her dress that accentuated her curves and gave the dress more of a pattern. Keep in mind when looking for garments that sparkle and shine, having some kind of pattern in the material will keep you from looking too much like something from “Saturday Night Fever.” Some of the easiest prints to find include animal prints and stripes.

Charlize Theron: Although her overall look might not have been a perfect 10, the elements of her outfit were flawless. The peplum silhouette of her gown accentuated her feminine figure giving her hips we never even knew she had. Her new pixie cut was also perfect for the start of springtime since it’s cute, quick and easy to style. Take a cue from her structured gown in a milky white to bring some clean lines to any outfit.

Jennifer Lawrence: Despite her spill on her way to receive the award for Best Actress in a Lead Role, in her couture Dior gown she had never looked better. With white clearly being too stark a color, ivory complemented Lawrence’s skin tone and youthful features. The slight texture of the gown and gorgeous train brought whimsical elements to the classic trumpet silhouette. This season when choosing solid colors, look for texture within the material to give the garment a boost.

I think it’s safe to say that all the women of the red carpet were winners at Sunday’s Academy Awards. With perfect silhouettes and stunning materials that shine, the couture designers outdid themselves. The most important part of making a red carpet look wearable is to take specific elements from the design. Focus on the material, color or silhouette of a gown and translate it to an everyday dress, top or even skirt. You’re sure to be thanking the Academy in no time.

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