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Women’s fashion: Maintain your spring break tan by keeping hydrated, moisturized

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As spring break beachgoers begin to awaken from their sunshine comas, it’s time to focus on how to maintain the healthy glow and sun-kissed skin they brought back to Columbus. It’s no secret that spring break tans fade, but there are ways to make them last longer than a few days. You might even be able to make it all the way to Oval Beach weather if you keep up a few simple steps.

Hydrate: Tans fade because skin dries out, causing dead skin cells to eventually fall off. Drinking plenty of water will help keep your skin hydrated and prevent dry skin from being too easily exfoliated. Make sure to drink it continuously throughout the day. Don’t feel like you need to fill up all at once, but try to get in eight glasses a day.

Moisturize: Keeping a tan is all about having soft, hydrated skin. Make sure to moisturize a bit more than usual. Try twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. It’s an easy way to ensure that you keep your skin hydrated on a convenient schedule, which is about every 12 hours. If you have unusually oily skin, look for moisturizers that are water-based. These will keep your skin from looking too shiny.

Self-tanner: It’s good to keep some light self-tanner handy for when the tan starts to noticeably fade. This is also a good tool to touch up places where your skin may have started peeling or getting a bit dryer than usual. Jergens or Neutrogena are good options. Apply the self-tanner as instructed on the bottle, but make sure to exfoliate before.

Aloe Vera: Apply an aloe vera-based lotion on spots where you have particularly bad sunburn or your skin is still a little sore. Check on spots that are more exposed to the sun like the bridge of your nose, your shoulders and chest. Keep an eye on spots where you would usually freckle, too. Try to avoid using aloe vera too many times a day, as it’s not necessarily effective if the area is oversaturated. Let the skin dry completely before reapplying.

Colder showers: It might seem insignificant, but taking a hot shower will actually dry your skin out faster. If you can stand to take a warm or colder-than-usual shower your skin will actually be better off and your tan is likely to last longer. Try to avoid staying in the shower too long as well, as this will cause your skin to dry out more quickly.

The key to making sun-kissed skin last is hydration. It’s not only on the outside, but it’s the inside of your body that matters too. If you keep yourself from getting too dehydrated by drinking plenty of water and liquids, your tan should last for well over a week. By adding in outside maintenance like moisturizer, aloe vera and self-tanner you help to ensure that the tan looks just as good as it did on the sandy beaches during spring break.

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