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Commentary: Beyonce sheds superwoman reputation with new photography rule

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It’s official: tantrums and vanity can strike even the stars we thought could do no wrong.

Beyonce recently announced that independent photographers will not be allowed to shoot any photos of her on the remainder of her Mrs. Carter World Tour, which kicked off April 15 in Belgrade, Serbia. Instead, only her own personal photographer will be able to take any shots of the shows. Apparently, the fierce songstress didn’t take too kindly to the numerous photographs circulating the web that are a little less than flattering.

I can imagine the untamed Nicki Minaj pulling a stunt like this, or super diva Mariah Carey. Heck, I can even see Taylor Swift having a similar massive freak out before I would vote for Sasha Fierce to take her place.

But it happened, and Beyonce has joined the ranks of stardom’s biggest divas with this hissy fit. Is it for attention? I don’t know. Does that even make a difference? Not really. She’s just proving, once again, that celebrities will never be satisfied with being seen as anything less than superhuman.

Let’s be honest-Beyonce is the most fabulous lady on the planet. I don’t know about you, but these “unflattering” photographs look better than me on my best day. So it really is offensive that she thinks it’s necessary to remind everyone how flawless she actually is by demanding that these photographs, and everyone who would potentially take more like them, not be allowed anywhere near her or her concerts.

What kind of message is this supposed to send to all the normal people of the world? Am I supposed to confiscate all of my friends’ cameras every time I hang out with them? Am I supposed to delete any digital evidence (and shred any of the physical kind) that shows me looking just a little disheveled? Not only does that sound mentally exhausting, but it sounds terrifying. I don’t want to go through life in constant fear that I’m not good enough for anyone to lay their eyes on-that’s just a sad, sad existence.

I looked up to Beyonce more than even I realized until now. She is poised and collected, powerful and bold. She is superwoman and everywoman all at once-or at least she was. With her vain demands, her aura of absolute confidence has evaporated and all I’m left seeing is a shallow woman who takes herself too seriously and is attempting to reach a level of perfection that is unattainable.

I hope this is just a lapse in her judgment. I hope Beyonce will shake herself out of her little fit, and Sasha Fierce will once again rise to the top, which is exactly where she belongs.

The world is waiting, Beyonce-waiting for you to become the superstar we can aspire to be once again.


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