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Columbus rock band Fashion Week comes from religious roots

Fashion Week will open for Truslow Aug. 23 at The Basement.

Fashion Week will open for Truslow Aug. 23 at The Basement.

In just about six months, Columbus’ pop rock band Fashion Week has gone from playing in a church worship band to opening for prominent bands such as Twenty One Pilots and Royal Teeth.

The band, consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Jason Turner, guitarist Tyler Earnest, bassist Andrew Lee and drummer Joshua Miller, originally met at Vineyard Columbus church in Westerville, Ohio.

Fashion Week has come a long way since then and released its first EP titled “Darker Things” March 23.

“I think our first album turned out really well,” Lee said. “I still feel like we are honing into each other and our sound. The recording process let us learn a lot about each other and what we strive for in music. I am definitely excited to do another album here soon.”

So far, Fashion Week has had the opportunity to share its music at large shows by opening at A&R Bar in the Arena District for both Churchill and Royal Teeth.

“It was cool because it seemed like people really dug what we were doing,” Earnest said. “We had quite a few people come up to us after the show and say they dug our stuff. So that was really encouraging and it’s really cool to hear.”

Playing with veteran bands has allowed Fashion Week to soak up knowledge of the music industry, as well as get some inspiration.

“Opening for these bands has made us a little more sharp because we realize that these are some people who have been where we are before and are making there way up,” Miller said.

Fashion Week plans to continue opening for other well-known bands to keep self-promoting.

“Anytime we get asked to open up for a band we are going to try to do that as much as possible and continue to gain exposure that way,” Miller said.

Fashion Week isn’t all about the shows, though – the band has begun prepping for a follow-up album.

“We are trying to do some more shows, and we are also going to do some more recording. We have been writing some new songs,” Earnest said. “We are going to go into the studio sometime in August and do another five or six songs.”

Fashion Week will open for Truslow Aug. 23 at The Basement, located at 391 Neil Ave. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 the day of the show. Doors open at 6 p.m.

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