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Review: The Band Perry livens up Welcome Week Concert despite slow, mellow start

The Band Perry’s 2013 Welcome Week Concert performance Thursday night was a success, even though the event suffered from a lacking start.

The minute the siblings, Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry stepped onstage, at the Northwest Stadium Parking Lot, with their musicians there was an immediate change in the concert’s atmosphere.

None of the band members stopped jumping around the stage the entire set, and although there were times when they were breathless, the artists seemed like they were having a blast. Even when Kimberly Perry was dancing back and forth on the stage during “I Am a Keeper,” there was a permanent smile on her face.

Many of the songs in The Band Perry’s set spouted advice about being yourself and following your dreams, and Kimberly Perry wanted it to be known that these messages should be taken seriously.

“You will make it, I promise,” Kimberly Perry said to the audience. “We tell the future where to go, Buckeyes… we are all pioneers.”

While the group did play some radio standards like “If I Die Young,” it also focused on snippets of cover songs from other artists. In a rendition of Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” the band got to play around with a much more rocking sound, while a surprising piece of “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston was just as good as the original, if not better.

The concert’s opening artist, Charlie Worsham, didn’t quite match the energy mustered by The Band Perry. Worsham, as well as his fellow musicians, appeared stiff and uncomfortable onstage even during the more upbeat songs.

Worsham also made it a point to include a small guitar solo in nearly every song he performed. Though it was apparent that he is a skilled musician, this only made the opening set seem repetitive and never ending. Even the covers the artist performed, such as “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon or “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, blended too well into the entire set.

Where Worsham’s set was a bit too mellow, The Band Perry’s was anything but that.

Although The Band Perry came to Ohio State labeled as a country group, it played the concert like a group of people who love music, and who want to share that with an audience. Even if country twang isn’t your cup of tea, the Welcome Week concert showed that The Band Perry will work its way into your heart anyway.

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