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Ohio State campus bank robbed, 2nd time in 2 weeks


A screenshot from security footage at Huntington National bank located at 235 W. 11th Ave. at about 9:35 a.m. Sept. 26.
Credit: Courtesy of University Police

An armed bank robbery on West 11th Avenue Thursday morning was the second in less than two weeks, eliciting mixed reactions from some Ohio State students.

Huntington Bank, located at 235 W. 11th Ave., was robbed by a man with a gun Thursday morning, according to a university Buckeye Alert.

The suspect was described as a black man in his mid-30s, standing at about 6 feet tall and wearing a black Adidas jacket, khaki pants and a hat. The alert for the robbery, which happened at 9:35 a.m., said the man fled toward High Street.

A University Police dispatcher was unable to say Thursday evening how much money was taken, but said the bank does not generally release that information.

The incident happened less than two weeks after the same Huntington Bank branch, located on OSU’s campus across from Canfield Hall and next to University Flower Shop and Adriatico’s Pizza, was robbed by a suspect with a knife at about 9:25 a.m. Sept. 14.

A public safety notice was issued Thursday afternoon “to heighten awareness that the suspect information is similar, suggesting a pattern,” the notice said.

The suspect in the first robbery was described as a man of similar physical description, reportedly wearing a black-and-white plaid button-down, sunglasses and a black baseball hat with a white logo, according to a University Police release.

There were no injuries reported in that incident and an unknown amount of cash was taken, a University Police dispatcher said Sept. 15.

Some OSU students said the robberies have affected them.

“It’s kind of scary considering I live pretty close to (the bank), because if they can rob a bank, they can easily get into a house. So it’s a little troubling, but it seems like the campus police and everything were on it so I have faith in them,” said Justin Dehan, a second-year in financial mathematics.

Others think there should be more police presence in the area.

“We should enforce more security around the highly-populated walk areas, such as the banks,” said Tranetta Gullatt, a first-year in psychology.

Some, though, aren’t worried about the incidents.

“It happens, you’re in a big city. I’m not going to think of the campus any differently,” said Lindsay Hostetler, a first-year in atmospheric sciences.

Hostetler also said she thought it was better the crimes occurred during daytime.

“I feel safer if it happens during the day, because a least people can see it, whereas at night it’s a little harder to see things. So I guess if it were to happen, I’d rather it happen during the day,” she said.

First-year in political science William Sams said he, too, is unfazed.

“Honestly, I think the guy’s pretty stupid for robbing this bank. It’s pretty small, I’m not too worried,” Sams said. “I don’t carry a lot of money on me so I’m good.”

Gullatt said, though, she’s going to change her routine because of the incidents.

“I’ll definitely use the buddy system more, especially when I’m walking around here (11th Avenue) and on High Street,” she said.

Huntington Bank spokesman Brent Wilder referred The Lantern to the police reports for further information.

University Police representatives did not respond to requests for further comment Thursday. Employees at the Huntington Bank branch, University Flowers and Adriatico’s Pizza declined to comment Thursday afternoon.

Danielle Seamon and Sam Harrington contributed to this story. 

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