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Fashion: Instagram not just for selfies anymore: can be inspiration for new outfits

Daily Instagram hashtags aren’t just reserved for the popular photo app — they can easily be used as inspiration for those days when you can’t think of a single thing to wear. Read on for some of the most popular social media hashtags and how you can use them to fashion yourself some brand new outfits.


Just because we’re ladies doesn’t mean we can’t look to the opposite sex for some outfit inspiration. Do you like the casual cool look? Ryan Gosling’s garb when he’s out and about might fit your taste. Just toss on a collared shirt and a leather jacket over ripped boyfriend jeans and you’re all set. If you’re more into sleek lines and professional dress, Matt Bomer and Justin Timberlake provide the perfect canvases. Slide into a fitted black blazer paired with smooth black slacks and the sharpest stilettos you can find to emulate these guys. Inspiration from this hashtag doesn’t have to be this in-depth if you don’t want it to be, though. Feel free to throw on an oversized men’s flannel shirt with leggings and boots and call it a day.


This hashtag is often used to show how much a person has changed throughout the years — so why not use it to inspire a radical style change? The great thing about fashion is that you can easily experiment with things outside of your comfort zone, then go right back to the clothing you’re used to if it just doesn’t work out. So if you’re someone who always wears the standard sneakers-tee-legging combo, throw on a casual dress with some comfy flats. If you find yourself drifting toward bright colors and loud prints, opt for an outfit made entirely of dark neutrals to switch it up. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up finding some new standards you never would have chosen that help freshen up your wardrobe.


Looking to your favorite ladies is one of the easiest ways to get outfit ideas. If you find you always love a particular woman’s outfits, whether they are a celebrity or not, why not try to base your outfit off theirs? If you absolutely adored that outfit your friend wore out last weekend, fashion yourself one with similar colors. Or if you saw an incredible street style picture of someone on a blog, try to do it yourself with the clothes you already own. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so go for it.


Rather than looking to your past fashion choices — those Crocs are never coming back in style, I promise — look to the styles of yesteryears to switch up your wardrobe a little. If you’re obsessed with period dramas like “Gone with the Wind” and “Pride and Prejudice,” why not add some high, regal necklines and lace to your look? If you’re more fond of classic films like “The Breakfast Club” or “Pretty in Pink,” take a page out of Molly Ringwald’s fashion book and go with zany prints, eclectic layers and plenty of jewelry to give off a truly ‘80s vibe. Be forewarned, though. You should try adding elements rather than going with an entire ensemble dedicated to your chosen time period, lest you want to appear too costumed.

Even if you shrug off these hashtags when people use them on social media, they can still be useful in your everyday attire. So next time you see one, instead of ignoring it, think about how you can use it to make your wardrobe feel like new. Inspiration can be found virtually anywhere, you just have to be willing to look outside of the box.

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