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Ohio State officials in talks about Mirror Lake jump

OSU students jump into Mirror Lake Nov. 20 as part of a ‘Beat Michigan’ week tradition. This year’s jump is scheduled to take place Nov. 26. Credit: Daniel Chi / For The Lantern

OSU students jump into Mirror Lake Nov. 20, 2012, as part of a Beat Michigan week tradition. This year’s jump is scheduled to take place Nov. 26.
Credit: Daniel Chi / For The Lantern

After the death of a former Ohio State student earlier this semester, some OSU officials are keeping mum about whether there will be additional enforcements in place at the Mirror Lake jump next week.

Tushar Shriram Kabre, age 28, died Sept. 19 at the Wexner Medical Center after being pulled from Mirror Lake Aug. 18 and placed in the Intensive Care Unit in critical condition. His cause of death was near drowning, but his manner of death is undetermined, Franklin County Coroner Jan Gorniak said.

OSU Administration and Planning spokeswoman Lindsay Komlanc said in an August email Kabre “received a master’s of science in chemistry degree in Autumn 2011” but he was not currently enrolled at the university.

About two months later, OSU officials have not said how they plan to handle enforcement at the Mirror Lake jump this year.

Jumping in Mirror Lake before the OSU football game against the University of Michigan is a university tradition, but it is not a university-sanctioned event. The Mirror Lake jump is set for Tuesday this year.

Despite the lack of university endorsement, there is typically an increased police presence in the area and lights are set up to illuminate the lake. Last year, representatives from University Police, Columbus Division of Police, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Columbus Division of Fire, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and MedCorp Mobile Medical Services were present at the jump.

OSU Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs said, though, the university’s treatment of this year’s jump is still not nailed down.

“Any time such a tragic incident occurs, it will prompt renewed consideration of how we can best ensure safety and security. University leaders have been in conversation about how we can best ensure any activities, informal or organized, around Mirror Lake are as safe as possible,” Isaacs said Tuesday.

He would not provide further comment about whether this year’s handling of the event will be any different than in years past.

University Police Chief Paul Denton said Tuesday, however, the OSU Department of Public Safety’s efforts will likely be the same.

“In terms of our security efforts, we’ve always maintained a good security effort for (the Mirror Lake jump). There’s nothing we would do (any) different for (that) event in terms of police presence,” Denton said.

He added that public safety coverage will be “pretty typical.”

“If it occurs, we’ll be prepared certainly … We don’t really encourage people to participate,” he said. “We work it every year and move forward.”

Undergraduate Student Government President Taylor Stepp said OSU should not crack down on the jump any more than usual this year.

“Mirror Lake is a fantastic tradition. Students really enjoy jumping in the lake and celebrating the whole Beat Michigan culture,” he said. “I look forward to being able to defend students’ opportunities for being able to do that.”

He said there have been conversations this year about how to keep students safe, but those talks are not unusual.

“There’s always talks of what do we do on Mirror Lake (jump night) and how are we going to handle it. We’ve had conversations about it, but they’re not new,” Stepp said, adding that he believes appropriate actions will be taken to make sure there are “no more tragedies like the one in the fall.”

Some OSU students said people shouldn’t jump this year in order to honor Kabre.

“I know the Mirror Lake jump is a tradition and so I guess if they were to crack it down a lot of people would be very disappointed because, you know, they love jumping into Mirror Lake,” said Oby Ngene-Igwe, a third-year in biology who said she has never jumped in Mirror Lake. “But out of respect for the guy … we could just hold it off for this year and next year continue it.”

Others, though, said the tradition shouldn’t be altered since the incident was unrelated.

“I don’t think anything should be different because of that. Although it’s unfortunate, (it) didn’t happen on Mirror Lake jump night,” said Nick Noggle, a fourth-year in philosophy. “I don’t think it should affect that night just because, I mean, you’re capable of having an accident anywhere and drowning in any body of water.”

Noggle said he jumped his freshman year and has watched every year since.

Kayla Goddard, a fourth-year in communication and women’s studies, said she was “torn” about whether there should be more enforcement.

“(University officials) don’t want to take any responsibility for it or what the students do that night,” said Goddard, who has jumped the past two years. “(Having) more police involvement would kind of say that they’re supporting it, but then, you know, that’s a tragedy if that happened to a student.”

David Winterstein, a fourth-year in industrial and systems engineering who has never jumped, said what the university does or doesn’t do probably won’t impact whether or not students jump in the lake.

“For most students, they probably don’t see a relationship between that incident and what they’re going to do for the Michigan game. I think most students will probably make that decision independent of (Kabre’s death),” he said. “Probably regardless of what university officials do, I think students are going to do what they feel they should do.”

He said, though, safety should still be a priority in the way OSU handles the night.

“If there’s anything (OSU officials) can do to kind of help facilitate the safety of the event, I think that’s the best way to go,” Winterstein said. “If they kind of outlaw it, you’re going to get a response from students probably worse than what they originally would’ve done.”


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  2. Or incredibly round

  3. it's a stagnant pool of bird feces and broken glass. Unless you have the mentality of an unruly preschooler (and if you do, why are you at University) you would not willingly jump into that craphole.

  4. Never once jumped while I was student, but then again I have never been one to swim outside, in November, in a pond fill of poop and decomposing leaves.

  5. not to mention the student who was paralyzed when hitting one the statues a few years ago.

  6. Make it SAFE, or make it STOP!

  7. BeenThereJumpedThat

    If you’re going to take away traditions because someone got hurt in some completely unrelated incident, then you need to consider ALL of the other things that people traditionally do. It’s a tradition to drive to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, but last week a drunk driver killed two people on the road. We should now make people stop driving to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, because something tragic took place at a completely unrelated event. Consider what you’re saying. Jumping into the lake doesn’t make you elementary, it makes you part of a more grand experience in life. Life isn’t worth having if you cannot LIVE it and experience it. As someone who has been in a retail pharmacy for a decade, I assure you that significantly older (and educated) individuals do things that are just as stupid on a VERY regular basis.

  8. I’m surprised OSU hasn’t found a way to charge to do this yet. One of my fondest and most vivid memories was spent cannon balling into that sparkling clean aquifer after stumbling down from Park Hall (back when it resembled a dorm and not a 5 star palace). If they take this away there will hardly be any remnants left from the glory days. Just have the ems down there and block off the areas that they don’t want destroyed.

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  10. Andy Hingsbergen I work here.

  11. Gretchen Rph Ok. I hope you realize you just insulted a ridiculously large number of people. Keep your offensive opinions to yourself.

  12. Andy Hingsbergen no, only people senseless enough to jump into filthy water. I am an equal opportunity dismisser of questionable actions. And my statement would not apply to the majority of the faculty, staff and students of OSU who do not do so in vast numbers. Jumping in the waterfoul latrine is right up there with stepping into the street without looking because you have tweets to retweet.

  13. Andy Hingsbergen if there was a tradition involving whacking yourself in the head with a hammer, I would probably similarly react to it. Some traditions are goofy and ill-advised.

  14. Gretchen Rph Ah, so because your statement does not offend a majority of people that makes it alright. Ok.

  15. If you get an infection, whether from viruses, bacteria, or protozoa, don’t complain. You asked for it.

    If you freeze to death from hypothermia, don’t complain. You asked for it.

    If you drown…. well….

  16. Andy Hingsbergen you'll grow out of the habit of demanding silence from people you don't agree with too.

  17. First of Gretchen, if you don’t like our traditions, then go to columbus state, the simple minded people there seem to be more on your level anyways. And is the Karen Holbrook from above the same ex OSU president or is that just a coinsidence? That being said, Mirror Lake Jump + beat michigan celebration = OSU

  18. Gretchen Rph Ah. Ok. Sorry for disturbing you, your highness.

  19. OSUalum54. You graduated in 1954? Wow! Then you would realize that the Mirror lake jump is not much older than current students, having started around 1990.

    If Mirror Lake Jump + beat Michigan = OSU for you, then you have other problems. There is so much more to OSU than that. For you to fail to see that indicates something greater lacking in your life.

  20. I think it is safe to proceed. For the tradition, there are vast numbers of people (so admittedly intoxicated, most not) for the buddy system and there is increased police presence.

    In the case of the drowning, the details seem to still be hazy on what the person was doing in the lake in the first place and if there were any witnesses. If I am forgetting details, I am open to being corrected.

    All in all, I think it is safe to proceed. It may not be the wisest of traditions to jump in a freezing lake in late November…but it’s still a tradition damn it.

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