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6 Ohio State professors elected as fellows for ‘advancing science’

After researching topics ranging from insects to plant evolution, Ohio State faculty members were recently honored by their peers as significant contributors to science.

Six OSU professors were elected as fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, an international nonprofit organization that is “dedicated to advancing science for the benefit of all people,” according to its website.

A total of 388 researchers and scientists who are AAAS members were elected as fellows this year in recognition for their studies, according to an OSU press release.

The fellows from OSU were:

  • David Manderscheid, executive dean and vice provost of the College of Arts and Sciences, for contributions to number theory;
  • John Freudenstein, a professor of evolution, ecology and organismal biology, for studies on plant evolution and systematics;
  • Norman Johnson, a professor of evolution, ecology and organismal biology and of entomology, for studies of insects;
  • James Kinder, a professors of animal sciences and of veterinary preventative medicine, for studies in endocrinology research;
  • Zucai Suo, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry, for contributions to the field of nucleic acid enzymology; and
  • Miguel Villalona-Calero, division director of medical oncology and a professor of internal medicine and of pharmacology, for contributions in the field of experimental therapeutics, according to the release.

Freudenstein said he was honored to be elected as a fellow.

“It means a lot for this country’s national scientific organization to recognize our contributions, and it speaks to Ohio State’s commitment to excellence in research, which is the foundation for all that we do,” Freudenstein said.

To be eligible to receive a fellowship, scientists must have been nominated by their peers and have been a continuous member of the AAAS for at least four years. All nominations are then reviewed by section steering committees, which then submit approved nominees to the AAAS Council for election. The names of all elected fellows are typically announced annually during fall, according to the AAAS website.

Including the most recent nominees, approximately 200 total OSU researchers have been elected as AAAS fellows, according to the press release.

Savannah Wise, a second-year in exercise science who has participated in volunteer research programs, said it is encouraging to be taught by professors who are being recognized.

“It makes our university stand out more than others, knowing that we have such a good research background,” Wise said. “It makes me feel better coming here since science is my major.”

Interim OSU President Joseph Alutto said the fellows are in some ways representative of all of OSU’s faculty members.

“The consistent recognition of Ohio State scientists at this level speaks to the exceptional quality of our faculty and their important contributions in their disciplines,” Alutto said in a released statement.

Emily Caldwell, the OSU assistant director of research and innovation communications, said the new fellows will be honored Feb. 15 during the AAAS annual meeting in Chicago, where they will receive a certificate and a blue and gold rosette pin as a symbol of their accomplishments.

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