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Fashion: Soft colors, pastels, tea-length skirts among spring trends

Mixing florals..Credit: Courtesy of MCT

Mixing floral prints together is one way to showcase this season’s designer trends.
Credit: Courtesy of MCT

When designer after designer showcases the same trends in fashion shows, you know it’s something to watch for instead of just a passing fad. This season is all about romance — flowing garments, softer colors and all things feminine. To keep up with these trends, there’s no need to change your entire wardrobe. Instead, pick one or two of these tips and add them to your everyday style. Not only will you definitely be in line with current fashion, but you might just find a few things you fall in love with.

Soften it up

I know those bright neon colors are always screaming to be let loose come warm weather, but this fashion season is calling for something else. Pastels are in and so easy to hone to your personal aesthetic. Add some girly to your grunge by throwing on a soft lavender dress under a leather jacket, or don some mint skinnies to freshen up your neutral blazer. To lower the risk of looking like a walking Easter egg, only add in a little bit of these shades at a time.

Tea, anyone?

Even though the maxi is still one of my favorite pieces, there’s a new skirt length in town I can’t wait to try out. Tea-length skirts reach to mid-calf, and can easily add a bit of bounce to any outfit you choose. Whether you want to rock a shredded T-shirt, combat boots and a black tea-length skirt or would rather go full-on flounce with tulle underneath to create a fuller silhouette, this style is yours for the taking.

Sheer, my dear

Chiffon blouses look gorgeous on everyone, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The ultra-sheer fabric is excellent for higher temperatures, and there are plenty of sleeve lengths to be found with this type of garment. If soft, flowing clothing isn’t really your thing, don’t fret. You can find these covered with spikes and studs or in interesting silhouettes to better match your style.

Crazy for daisies

If you love patterns, you’re in luck: Florals are at the forefront of trends this season. Whether you want to go with a smaller, ditzy floral in natural colors or want to show off your crazy side with a more abstract style, this is just one more trend that can be added to your repertoire no matter what your sense of style is. You can even go for the ultimate fashion dare and try to mix several different florals into the same outfit — this can be difficult to do successfully, but it’s absolutely breathtaking when done well.

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