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Ohio State football unveils completed $2.5 million locker room

The Ohio State football program has received another upgrade.

The newly renovated football locker rooms at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center cost $2.5 million, an OSU spokesman confirmed to The Lantern.

According to pictures tweeted out by coach Urban Meyer, the futuristic looking locker room features leather couches, multiple flat screen TV’s in a lounging area and above lockers to go along with a functioning water wall.

Media availability to the locker rooms will be scheduled for a date next week an OSU spokesman told The Lantern.

According to an OSU spokesman, the locker room project was completed on time as it was scheduled to be finished prior to the start of fall camp which is set to begin Aug. 4.

The locker room renovation is not the first improvement made for the OSU football program this offseason.

$13.7 million was invested into Ohio Stadium this offseason, which is set to add 2,600 additional seats and permanent lighting to the stadium as well as a new field turf among other improvements.

In a May interview, associate athletic director for facilities operations Don Patko said the stadium renovations were set to be completed by Aug. 14. On July 7, OSU vice president and athletic director Gene Smith said the project was on schedule and within the budget.

The Buckeyes are scheduled to take on the Navy Midshipmen Aug. 30 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Md., before showing off the new amenities at Ohio Stadium in the home opener against Virginia Tech on Sept. 6 at 8 p.m.


  1. I love OSU. But, a water wall? Really?

  2. Wait, did they have to draw lines on the floor to get the players to the right locker? Why do you need tv’s above the lockers? I’m serious, do they show them new plays, or give pep talks, or just don’t want them missing ‘One Life to Live’?

  3. The article doesn’t mention the source of the funding for this effort. Can they also show some largesse to the people hired to tutor the varsity athletes because they come to college unprepared? Check out jobsatosu. This team is just the local NFL franchise.

  4. This is ridiculous. Who is in charge of the University? Is it the Athletic Director? Eventually there will be an anti-trust move against college football that will destroy all college athletics.

  5. You guys are complaining about this? I can’t wait to hear from you when they start paying them. lol !

  6. It good to hear that our football players, who never seem to show up in a real course of study, are so well provided for. Now, if we could just find a way fund actual university students for actual academic programs, we could begin to see how this university can realize its true potential.

  7. Better things could have been done with that money

  8. donations & fund raisers are the call out to the best dam team in the land …Go Buck’s,… meat chicken still sucks. T/Y, Lester & crew…….the rest you winers,….. get back to work unless its sunday. and Futhermore stay away from my cheese unless u can line up & play in Dallas come 1-12-14

  9. excuse me 1-12-15,….opps sue me.

  10. Hello Danny. Come and play with us.

  11. What are you guys whining about. The football program generates this money. They can use how they please. 100,000 plus people don’t show up for academic contests.

  12. This is the most dumb idea ever good one y’all plain out stupid

  13. Why does Gene Smith still have a job there?

  14. You mean “jobs”. He was appointed as VP of the university earlier this year.

  15. Was stuck in the Shoe with my academic dept for over a year while our building was worked on.
    No heat in the winter, literally needed to bring little heaters and blankets to class while still in our winter coats.
    Zero control over HVAC in the summer, so it was also freezing then, too.
    Not to mention the horrible environmental conditions (dust, deteriorating rooms/ceilings/lights, etc).
    But, by all means, make sure the football team has a Koi pond or whatever in the locker room.
    Wouldn’t want to distract them from creating their next iTunes playlist to listen to during class.

  16. Wait, all football players now have iPhone/iPod docks in their lockers?
    Well now, in retrospect, having to be able to see my breath during class at the ‘Shoe all seems worth it after all.
    I mean, priorities, right?

  17. Emperor Football

    ‘Academic Encouragers’ is the title for the football players’ private ‘tutors’.

  18. The athletic department actually gave thirty million dollars of the money they generated to academics. the athletic dept. uses no money from tuition or taxes for athletics. get educated.

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