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Opinion: 5 places to study at Ohio State besides the library

When I walked across the Ohio State campus for the first time as a student, one building clearly stood out. With William Oxley Thompson’s statue guarding the entrance, William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library made a lasting first impression. I assumed that would be the place where I would study for the next four years.

Surprisingly, within a few short weeks, I came to realize Thompson was just one of a number of great places that offer just the right atmosphere to study on-campus. Here are my top five best places to study at OSU.

1. Browning Amphitheater 

Make sure you take advantage of Browning Amphitheater by Mirror Lake before the cold weather closes in. Spread out and enjoy. This spot can provide just the right inspiration for getting a paper done, concentrating on a textbook or talking to classmates about issues you are addressing in a class. 

2. Wexner Center for the Arts

I have to admit food almost always comes into play when I study. If you feel the same way, then check out the Wexner Center. Not only does it offer an immense amount of study space, you can also count on the Heirloom Cafe in the building to feed your need for a snack. Let’s face it: a growling stomach can definitely interrupt great thinking.

3. Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum  

If you’re looking for complete silence, the Cartoon Library is definitely the spot for you. There are rarely many students working here, which can help provide you with a no-distraction zone.

4. Smith Laboratory

Take a stroll down 18th Avenue to Smith Lab and I promise you won’t be disappointed. This spot leads as one of my favorite spots to study throughout the year because of the number of study tables and an added bonus of convenient outlets placed throughout the room for your low battery moments. 

5. Fisher College of Business courtyard 

While the Fisher building itself has a structured feel, the outdoor central courtyard provides the right relaxed vibe to even things out. This spot has a select number of tables with umbrellas, as well as a big patch of grass where you can spread out to do work. 

These are just five spots at OSU that can make studying more enjoyable. Don’t limit yourself to just these, though, because the options are endless on a campus like OSU’s.

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  1. I would say my top places to study are as follows:

    1. Sigma Alpha Mu Laundry Room: Nothing better than studying in the place where I got roofied last month!

    2. Herb Asher’s Apt: COCKtails help me study and focus

    3. Marketplace: General Tso’s and athletes you’ve never heard of?! I’M SOLD!

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