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Boss Doggs takes its last stand

Boss Dogs used to be located outside of University Hall.  Credit: Lantern file photo

Boss Doggs used to be located outside of University Hall.
Credit: Lantern file photo

The long lines outside of University Hall are over — Boss Doggs is gone for good.

Even so, the former hot dog cart has been replaced by a food truck named Thyme and Change, which can be found parked on Neil Avenue most weekdays.

“In part because of its popularity, and because of the popularity of food trucks, we have replaced the hot dog stand with our new Thyme and Change food truck, which can be found nearby at Baker Systems,” Ohio State Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs said in an email.

Thyme and Change offers a rotating menu that changes at least four times a week and offers international and domestic street food.

The food truck cost almost $100,000 out of the Dining Services’ finances.

Students can still get a hot dog fix at least one day a week, though.

“Thyme and Change serves a variety of options on different days, but one of the days of the week is designated for gourmet hot dogs,” Isaacs said.

Boss Doggs was owned by OSU alumnus Eric Clark and was under contract with OSU for several years before it became part of Student Life Dining Services in 2007.

Contact information for Clark could not be found, however.

In the past, Boss Doggs had multiple locations, including two on Neil Avenue and one in front of Denney Hall.

“(Boss Doggs) would typically do around $2,000 on an average day,” said Lesa Holford, corporate executive chef with Dining Services in an email. “It was open Monday through Friday, depending on the weather.”

Matt Schilling, a third-year in strategic communication, said he loved Boss Doggs.

“It was a fantastic little place to go between classes,” Schilling said. “I cannot believe that they are not doing it this year.

“I would always prefer the good old American hot dog.”

Thyme and Change is open Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and accepts cash and BuckID.


  1. Don't Let Up Lantern

    RIP Boss Doggs. More of the same corporate greed from Ohio State.

  2. I don’t understand why it was closed down, especially if it was popular and profitable ($2000.00 a day sounds profitable to me.) Surely OSU is big enough for more than one food cart.

  3. This is more from the DC very “politicically correct” crowd who will teach you how to eat healthy cause they are correct! Also, hot dogs are American…need to expose you to international food & other domestic food! This was not corporate greed by OSU, but 100% brought to you by all the newly hired Ivy League, West & East Coasters who will “transform” Ohio State to their liking!

  4. As much as I miss Boss Doggs, this isn’t news anymore. It hasn’t been around all semester. Why the article now?

  5. A favorite of mine, BOSS DOGGS. I’ve been by Thyme & Change several times – it just does not adequately replace, BOSS DOGGS and I have not been inspired by their menu to order from them yet. Improvement? NOT. The article states a past record of daily income of $2,000.00 by BOSS DOGGS but the article does not report the current daily income of Thyme & Change. How about a follow up article or addendum note with that information? Also, take the time to locate Eric Clark and print an interview about his experience as our former campus lunch main stay, BOSS DOGGS. Yes, this article is late with the news but I have been wondering why BOSS DOGGS had disappeared and I am pleased to know what happened, Thank you Lantern Staff.

  6. Newsworthy maybe…but not news.

  7. I will miss you Boss Doggs! I attended Ohio State and while there worked at Boss Doggs running a cart for then owner Eric Clark for three years.
    We had an unbelievable time with the students and faculty and it taught me so much for my career…in fact my whole company I now own is based around the idea that we all have a “hot dog stand” in our lives!
    Because it gave me so much passion and purpose.
    Eric Clark is easy to find by the way.
    Mike Rudd

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