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Podcast: Fantasy Doctors week 9

The Fantasy Doctors is a little freestyle this week. Instead of the normal format of jackpot, roulette, and then match-ups of the week, they just let the numbers and performances do the talking this week.

It was a monster week of fantasy football in Week 8. All the way from Ben Roethlisberger to Tom Brady to Arian Foster to Emmanuel Sanders to the Miami Dolphins defense. The list goes on of big performances this week, and the Fantasy Doctors have analyzed those performances instead of the match-ups.

On top of that change, they’ve focused on their own fantasy teams, as both doctors fantasy lifeline is losing their heartbeats. Another loss for either of them and they could be flat-lining. But, that’s the best thing about fantasy football; it’s one place in life where miracles do exist.

Take a listen to a more free-flowing week of The Fantasy Doctors!

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