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Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett involved in domestic dispute

Redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett carries the ball during a game against Indiana on Nov. 22 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 42-27. Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editor

Redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett carries the ball during a game against Indiana on Nov. 22 at Ohio Stadium. OSU won, 42-27.
Credit: Chelsea Spears / Multimedia editor

Ohio State redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett was involved in a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend at his apartment late Tuesday night, according to a Columbus Police report.

According to the report, both Barrett and his ex-girlfriend, 19-year old Alexandria Barrett-Clark, said they were the victims of assault, but no charges were filed following the incident.

There were also no visible injuries reported.

Police responded to a call at Barrett’s apartment just after midnight on Wednesday. When police arrived, Barrett said he asked his ex-girlfriend to leave his apartment and she refused his request. Barrett then said Barrett-Clark “ran at him and pushed him” and struck him before he pushed her onto a bed in self-defense.

Barrett-Clark told police that when she was asked to leave Barrett’s apartment, she said she would leave in the morning. She then stated that Barrett confronted her in the bedroom and choked her upon the bed, before using his forearm to apply pressure to her neck in an effort to take her phone from her.

After the incident upon the bed, Barrett-Clark said she was able to escape and call the police.

There was a single witness, according to the report, who acknowledged that he heard a disturbance, but did not see any physical altercation.

An OSU athletics spokesman said the university is aware of an issue regarding Barrett, and is working to gather more information as it becomes available.

This story was first reported on Wednesday morning by local television outlet, ABC6.

Barrett recently had surgery to repair a broken ankle suffered in OSU’s game against Michigan on Nov. 29.

Neither Barrett nor Barrett-Clark responded to an email requesting comment.

Clarification: Earlier reports said Barrett-Clark was Barrett’s girlfriend, when in fact, they are exes. 


  1. Go home Lantern, you’re drunk.

  2. I guess my question is, Why does Hayden Grove hate America/

  3. Research is your friend. The girl is his ex girlfriend, not current.

  4. Who wouldn’t be a little grouchy when he’s in pain from an injury and his whole career might be in jeopardy? I’m getting very tired of the press featuring everybody’s personal life like ongoing soap operas, like we really need to know all this. It’s between him, the girlfriend and the law and then perhaps the university. In this case, it doesn’t sound like anybody got hurt so I don’t see much coming of a loud argument.

  5. She sounds like a real piece of work. When someone tells you to leave their residence, you don’t tell them no I will leave later. Not to mention how ridiculous her story is about him charging at her. HE HAS A BROKEN LEG! Hope this little brat enjoys her 15 minutes of fame. She should face discipline from tOSU since she’s a student, but we all know that won’t happen with the double standard men face.

  6. I hope you die tonight.

  7. Most often the guy is at fault, yet I have heard of cases where a girlfriend can be unreasonable. It is rare, but maybe this is one of those cases…

  8. Whatever. Everyone gets in arguments with people they are or were dating now and then. He asked her to leave and then called authorities for help. This is not a story. Leave these two young people alone.

  9. My question is ..were they ever married? I mean- the media calls them boyfriend/girlfriend..though, exes. How did she get to tuck ‘his’ last name with hers..or is it coincidence of the same ‘Barrett’ last name? Her name is listed as Barrett- Clark.

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