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Concert review: Big Sean shows his genuine love for the people of Columbus

This isn’t the first time that Big Sean has graced Columbus with his presence, and again, he surely did not disappoint. This is his ninth stop in his spring 2015 tour and he came back with a whole new set up that was both visually and mentally stimulating.

Big Sean opened up his show with songs off his recent album “Dark Sky Paradise” which the crowd was ecstatic to hear. They screamed the lyrics of “All Your Fault” and “Play No Games” back at Big Sean while he hopped around on stage. The stage was set up with two big LED video screens in the shape of a triangle, which displayed different backdrops for each song as the smoke machines created an eerie display.

Sean took some time to mention how much he loved Columbus and how his career first started with shows in Ohio. He said he was very appreciative of the audience who came to rock out with him. Big Sean then threw it back for us by performing some of his hit songs from his earlier albums, such as “Marvin & Chardonnay,” “Dance (A$$),” and “High.”

The whole concert wasn’t just about the music. Big Sean wanted to make sure that he also inspired the audience by telling them to make sure they follow their dreams and to do what they love. He told the audience about how he didn’t come from much and how he was still able to make it where he was today, so everyone should be able to make something for themselves.

In a homage to his hometown of Detroit, Big Sean brought out the Detroit Lions’ mascot to perform one of his songs with him.

Opening up for Big Sean was an up-and-coming rapper by the name of Casey Veggies. Casey Veggies is a 21 year old rapper from Inglewood, Calif., who started rapping 12.

Casey said had high expectations for the show.

“You should expect a lot of love and energy being shared,” Veggies said in an interview with The Lantern before the show. “You can expect people bouncing up and down with their hands up and entertainment.”

Everything he told us to expect is what he delivered.

“Everything I do is natural. I don’t force anything. Everything I spit is from my heart,
he said. “I’m all about real music that gives off real emotion. It should tell your story and represents where you’re from.”

The sold out show responded to Veggies very well by jumping up and down and swaying their hands in the air as he got the crowd hyped up for Big Sean.

It was obvious to see that Sean had a genuine love for the crowd and a genuine love for what he was doing. The messages he gave that night were sincere and you could tell he wanted everyone to be successful. I left that night an even bigger fan of Big Sean and new fan of Casey Veggies.


  1. it wasn’t the lions mascot..

  2. The halftime show was the worst ever televised. Complete embarrassment to Detroit.

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