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Letter to the editor: Advisers can help students in ways beyond scheduling

Letter to the editor:

Have you talked to your adviser today?

If you’re like most students, you see an adviser when you start to think about scheduling for next term. Some students may see advisers for questions about dropping a class, adding a minor or changing a major. But an adviser can do much more for you.

Advisers are able to help you find resources on campus to support personal and academic success. As part of supporting your success, they also provide you referrals to other university offices and advocate for you if you need it. They are also a great resource for explaining university rules and procedures, and letting you know which ones apply to you in certain situations, as well as which exceptions may be of benefit to you. On an interpersonal level, they can help you strategize about how to overcome obstacles to your academic success or personal wellness during individual appointments or outreach programs.

In addition, advisers assist you with long-term degree planning. In general, we can serve as a guide for your exploration of major and career options in your chosen or closely related fields. As part of this process, your adviser might challenge you to explore your interests more deeply or to try new things. Exploration usually includes discussing degree enrichment programs such as community service, observation hours, study abroad, research, internships, living-learning programs, scholars and honors. Exploration might involve linking you with relevant student organizations; it can also include providing you information about scholarships, grants or other school funding opportunities.

Keep in mind: your academic adviser is here to help you, and advisers want to see you. Contact them early and regularly. For help with how to prepare for an advising appointment or to answer other questions you may have about advisors, please see: advising.osu.edu/welcome.shtml. 

Don’t forget to thank your adviser! This is Ohio State’s “Thank an advisor week,” so take a moment to visit this site and let an adviser know if they have had a positive impact on your time at OSU: http://advising.osu.edu/appreciation.shtml. Your adviser will thank you for taking the time to do it!

Shannon Peltier

Career & Academic Adviser in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


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