It is no mystery that young people generally like Barack Obama. His diva-like appeal and sophisticated elegance elicit positive emotions from today’s youth, especially from the under 30 crowd. But does this love flow in both directions?

Obama’s vision of ideal health care reform is not filled with endless perks and benefits for young adults. A proposed health care system that requires everyone to contribute financially could easily send a college student already strapped for cash over the edge.
That age group may be required to reach to the bottom of their wallets to fund the nation’s health care. A Sept. 16 Washington Post column pointed out that young adults “could wind up paying disproportionately hefty premiums — effectively subsidizing coverage for their parents.”

Many young people elect not to have health insurance because their financial status simply does not allow it, or they feel it is unnecessary because they are “healthy.” Whether living without health insurance is a good idea or not, the federal government does not have the right to force a person to buy anything.

Obama tells the American public that his government plan is not a complete takeover of health care and that it produces competition for the private insurance companies. His promise is ridiculous. A private entity must make a profit in order to stay in business while the federal government can simply tax or print more money to fund its programs.

Therefore, government always has the ability to level the playing field.

Real competition must be generated by the private sector. If the private insurance companies are in fact as evil as Obama implies, then provide additional incentives for other insurers to enter the free market and jump start competition. The free market is the true litmus test for fairness. The more competitive the market becomes, the happier the consumers become; that is true in any business.

This administration can spin their agenda in whatever direction they wish, but the “health care reform” that is being proposed by our president and outspoken leaders in Congress is simply a push for greater government intervention and control.

Health care reform is a microcosm of Obama’s entire presidency; he wants people relying on government. Taking over health care paves the way for him to essentially control our daily lives.

Barack Obama needs to find a way to fund his reform, and he is not opposed to taking from his biggest admirers.