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The escape’

I went to go see Gogol Bordello with a few friends at the Newport Tuesday night. If you aren’t familiar with their music, they describe themselves as “Gypsy punk,” with the band tracing its origins to the Ukraine and Gypsy subculture that exists there. Their lineup has changed over the years, greatly increasing its ethnic diversity and introducing an array of styles, sounds, and influences.

On stage the band is as phantasmagoric as their description would make them out to be, with flawless crescendo, chanting, jumping, and accordian. The crowd swayed and jumped as one, like the millions of cells working in unison to keep our bodies moving. For about two hours, the collective of the band and of the crowd existed as one inside the Newport.

It occured to me that what I find appealing about this is the nature of what I call “the escape.” We all need an “escape” every once and a while. It may be something mundane, like a piece of chocolate while studying or a cigarette on a 15 minute break at work. It may not be especially original, like having a few beers on the weekend with friends or going on a jog to clear your mind and refresh your body, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Whatever it is, it feels good to be there, good to look forward to it, and good afterward.

For me, the “escape” last night was a wonderful one because it occured along with a few thousand others who, having arrived there for all their own reasons, left with a shared experience and a positive feeling.

This weekend we all have the opportunity to share an “escape” as well by dressing up in costumes, eating candy, drinking to our heart’s content, and enjoying the beautiful Ohio autumn. So let yourself escape this weekend, whether that comes from your own dressing up, making fun of other people’s costumes, hanging out at a party, or giving candy to kids. Whatever it is, embrace it, let go and relax. Your books, job, and the rest of your life will still be there when you return.

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