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Man, who uses brain to change particles of matter, hosts presentation in Columbus

Imagine being able to improve the health of others or increase the production of crops using the power of the human brain to change particles of matter.

That’s the idea behind an upcoming presentation in Columbus tonight that will be hosted by Journeys of Wisdom, an organization that promotes holistic health.

Mahendra Trivedi, a 47-year-old native of India, will discuss how he uses the energy within his mind to alter an “information field” of atoms in ways that produce positive change.

Possibilities for change include reducing pain and illness in humans, decreasing disease in plants or increasing crop yields up to 500 percent.

“He basically woke up about 15 years ago and he had the ability to affect matter with his mind,” said Debra Poneman, head of wellness for the Trivedi Foundation.

His abilities have been documented through scientific research, she said.

“He has had over 4,000 scientific studies done at some of the most prestigious institutes in the world,” Poneman said.

Members of Trivedi’s organization are hopeful that Ohio State will eventually participate in research related to his work.

“We would love scientists from the university to attend,” Poneman said.

His method is not an effort to replace religious beliefs or medical interventions but to serve as an additional resource for people, according to Trivedi’s website.

Trivedi’s focus during tonight’s presentation will be to create an energy flow through people attending the event to help them and reconnect them with their bliss and health, John McMullin said.

McMullin is a principal who provides holistic coaching at Journeys of Wisdom.

It is an opportunity to ask “what blessing do you want in your life,” McMullin said.

Trevedi has traveled the world relaying information about his work, Poneman said. He has been in the United States for about a year and plans to remain here indefinitely.

“His mission is to join with scientists to continue research because the more scientific research we have, the more we will be able to help the world,” Poneman said.

There is a $20 fee to attend the presentation, and an additional monetary donation will be requested for individual “blessings” to be given by Trivedi. Interested individuals should contact Journeys of Wisdom immediately to confirm their attendance at 888-1240. For more information, visit trivedifoundation.org and journeysofwisdom.com/

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