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Friday Fashion: Wear your Buckeye best on gameday

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Deciding what to wear to a football game is never easy. Good days bring sunshine and wind, but bad days are rainy, snowy and cold. Here are some tips for showing your Ohio State spirit no matter what the weather.

A jersey is a must-have. It can be easily layered over a T-shirt or a fleece jacket depending on the temperature. If the jersey fits a bit loosely, you can put it on over a hooded sweatshirt. A jersey can also be worn on its own for those warmer days we’ve been experiencing lately.

Don’t have a jersey? Basic OSU T-shirts work well too. For later in the season, keep in mind that the weather will only get colder.

Layering your clothing at these games is the only hope to brave the icy gusts of wind that will come your way. On top, layer a long sleeve T-shirt, a sweatshirt and then your jacket. (I recommend a down jacket or wool coat).

Depending on the weather, you typically have three options for pants: shorts, jeans or leggings.

If you wear shorts, make sure the weather conditions will be appropriate throughout the entire game. Otherwise, you risk being chilly when the wind kicks up or the sun goes down. Jeans are your warmest option, especially when it’s bad weather.

Leggings will be the most comfortable for any game and will work great with a jersey that hits below your hip. This will also come in handy on colder days: put a pair of leggings under some jeans if you don’t have long underwear to stay warm.

I tend to find that shoes are the most difficult part of a gameday outfit. Tennis shoes are always the practical option, but not necessarily the favorite. I’m a fan of wearing Ugg boots to football games because my feet stay warm and usually pretty dry. If it’s raining, rain boots are the obvious choice for footwear. The one thing I don’t suggest is wearing flip-flops. You risk slipping on stairs or stepping on something unpleasant with nothing to protect your feet.

Throughout the football season, accessories will allow you to get creative with your ensemble. Finger-less gloves are an unexpected option, but look great and allow you to text game updates to your friends. A scarlet and gray scarf is a practical way to turn your outfit into something chic. You can also try out a baseball cap or beanie to keep your head warm.

Last but not least, don’t forget your Buckeye beads.

There’s no real science to what to wear on game day, but as long as you check the weather beforehand, you should be good to go.

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