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TangoOSU brings Latin flair to campus

Courtesy of Yuv von DaYu

No partner and two left feet? No problem.

Ohio State’s Argentine tango student organization, TangoOSU, is getting students out of the classroom and onto the dance floor.

Instructor Yuval, a professor in mathematics at OSU, has practiced tango for nearly 10 years and wanted to increase awareness of this type of dance on campus and in the Columbus community. Students do not need to have prior dance experience to attend.

Since creating TangoOSU, students are learning a new rhythm in life, he said.

“I teach them that tango is not just a dance,” Yuval said. “Tango is a walk, where dancers create a personal rhythm with one another. Tango is the formation of two bodies moving in a single relationship.”

According to the group’s website, the organization’s purpose “is to teach those who attend to dance tango, not tango steps. We emphasize individual care for detail.”

TangoOSU holds classes in the evenings to accommodate students’ schedules. Students do not have to have a dance partner to participate.

“You don’t have to come with a partner because I encourage the students to dance with a different person at each class,” Yuval said. “You can’t learn new techniques if you dance with the same partner every time.”

Eric Facemyer, a third-year in biology, joined the organization three years ago because he was hooked by the beauty of the dance, he said.

“It’s a great outlet to meet new people and enjoy a culture different then our own,” Facemyer said in an email. “The feeling of the dance becomes natural over time, allowing you to really enjoy what you’re doing. It’s a great challenge.”

The challenge of not only learning the dance, but stepping out of one’s comfort zone has been appealing to new members.

Erin Bishop, a second-year in math, started attending the classes last spring and said since attending, tango has ignited a flame of determination.

“When I joined last spring, it was really out of my character to dance,” Bishop said. “My mom couldn’t get it through her head, so she came to watch me. I’ve challenged myself to stay with it because it’s pretty cool to say that you can tango with your best friend.”

Yuval said the organization has given a purpose to the members and has taught the art of tango dancing to all levels and interests.

“There wasn’t a tango community on campus,” Yuval said. “We’ve built our own unique community of students who have embraced the aura of difficulty in tango and are taking it out into the world.”

Prices for single evenings are $5 for undergraduates, $6 for other students and $10 for others. Pricing by quarter is available.

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