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Friday Fashion: Keeping warm and stylish with the help of the Irish

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While studying abroad this quarter, I’ve been searching for new sources of inspiration to revamp my wardrobe. It seems to me there’s no better place to find great winter fashion than Dublin, Ireland.

With cold temperatures and major universities like Trinity College and Dublin City University all in range of a 20-minute bus ride, fashion-savvy college students are in abundance here. Their key to keeping warm during the chilly, damp winter months is a lot of layers. With a few basic tips, you might be able to avoid looking like a human marshmallow this season while staying toasty on your walk to class.

First thing first: You need an oversized, chunky sweater. This will be the bulk of what keeps you warm. Underneath, you should layer a basic T-shirt or tank and a flannel button-down. The flannel doesn’t need to be plaid, but make sure the pattern or color will work with your sweater. You’ll want to choose a sweater of a more neutral color so that you can pair it with a wide variety of shirts.

Next you’ll need leggings or cable-knit tights. These are going to be layered underneath a pair of wool shorts for added warmth. If you can find flannel-lined leggings, those are warmest. You can choose to invest in a pair of motocross boots for a slightly more grunge look or you can find a pair of riding boots for a preppy vibe.

Finally, the most important parts of your outfit will be your scarf and pea coat. A good rule of thumb is the bigger the scarf, the better.

Pea coats take a bit more work since they come in such a wide variety. My favorite is a slightly flared one with a giant hood. This hood will be your saving grace, especially against Columbus wind gusts.

You could also opt for a more tailored and fitted coat if you’re looking to dress up a bit. I also highly recommend finding one with a hemline just above your knee. It’ll keep you warmer.

This layering is really easy once you decide what cutlines fit you best. Slouchy and bulky styles for sweaters and shirts look great with a formfitting pair of skinny jeans or leggings. You’ll also want to find shorts with a higher hemline to make your legs look endless. For those of you with straighter body types, opt for bulkier sweaters that have wide necklines. Something off the shoulder works great. If you’re slightly curvier, look for shirts that end above your hip to make your waist look smaller and highlight your great shape.

Some of the places to meet your European shopping needs in America are Zara International, H&M and Forever 21. Luckily, Irish fashion isn’t that different from what we tend to wear in Columbus, so you probably won’t feel too far out of your comfort zone, making this a great place to start.

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