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Commentary: Chris Brown’s reputation teeters toward notorious with Jenny Johnson Twitter feud

Courtesy of MCT

On Sunday night, the more than 11 million people following R&B pop sensation Chris Brown on Twitter were reminded once again that hit singles, millions of dollars, a blossoming acting career and a Grammy award are no indication of emotional character.

In the latest example of a bizarre, albeit entertaining, phenomenon where celebrities make complete and utter fools of themselves online, Brown got into a heated exchange with comedian Jenny Johnson, who was also a producer and writer for TV shows such as “Lost” and “Cold Case.” The feud was jump started after Johnson responded via retweet to a picture Brown tweeted of himself.

Brown responded to Johnson’s comment with a sexually explicit directive and called her what he believed to be a derogatory term, which, unfortunately for him, ended up describing a gardening tool. Johnson corrected his spelling and accused him of being ignorant. Brown threatened to fart on Johnson and, as I’m sure you can imagine, the whole thing kind of escalated from there and resulted in Brown deleting his Twitter.

The remainder of the conversation included more threats of bodily functions and other vulgarities, some of which referred to Brown’s mom.

The singer also achieved notoriety in 2009 when he was convicted of assault against his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, a felony for which he received probation and community service but no prison time. As if this light sentence wasn’t enough, Brown has expressed little remorse for the incident, choosing instead to adopt a cavalier attitude about the whole thing.

Unwisely, after Johnson brought up the Rihanna incident in Sunday’s argument, Brown chose to end the Twitter exchange with: “Just ask Rihanna if she mad??????” a move that definitely lost him whatever points he had left with those who already thought he should have spent some portion of the last few years staring at the inside of a prison cell.

He might be able to sell albums, star alongside Matt Dillon in “Takers” and date famous musicians, but if Brown keeps up his antics, he is going to have more enemies than friends. Gosh darn it Chris, we all know money can’t buy happiness! And it can’t teach you to spell, either.

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