A screenshot of Sworkit, a fitness and workout app for iPhone and Android.

A screenshot of Sworkit, a fitness and workout app for iPhone and Android.

It’s not getting any warmer, but there are still things you can do to help achieve a “bikini body.”

These workout apps are all for smart phones, making them easy to use wherever you go, and the best part is they are all free. They can be used at your house or at the gym, since going outside to workout seems nearly impossible with the weather.

Workout Trainer (For Android and iPhone)

This application gives you a personal trainer via your cell phone. These trainers encourage you throughout the exercise and provide you with photo, video and audio instructions. You can choose to focus on any type of fitness, from weight lifting to yoga. This app is great for people who do not have access to any workout equipment. You can customize your workouts, share your progress via social media and listen to your favorite music. I have never used this application, but it has been given high reviews and ratings.

Sworkit (For iPhone and Android)

This application allows you to work out anywhere with no equipment necessary. You can do strength training, yoga, stretching and cardio. You can either choose a pre-made workout and the amount of time you want to do it, or you can customize your own by choosing your favorite exercises. This is my personal favorite app. I use it at least three times a week at home when I don’t feel like going to the gym.

Fit Radio (For Android or iPhone)

Similar to Pandora or iPhone Radio, Fit Radio provides a user with playlists of upbeat music to listen to while working out. There are different categories ranging from hip-hop to country, and also a mellow music option for warming up and cooling down. I love this app for when I go on runs, and the high-intensity music makes it worth downloading.

Map My Walk (For iPhone and Android)

Walking to class could be a little more enjoyable, especially when you can use this app to see how much walking benefits you. Map My Walk tracks pace, routes, distance and calories burned while walking. It keeps all your stats, allows you to record your food and water intake and compete against friends. I use this app when I am walking to and from class in order to see the calories I burn without meaning to do it.

Pact (For Android and iPhone)

If you are feeling extra committed to your workout routines, try this app. You make a “pact” for eating healthy or exercising, or both. These pacts are $5 or $10 and is removed from your credit card or PayPal. Each day you miss a goal, you lose the amount of money you made in the pact. But every time you achieve a goal, you are paid money, which comes from a pool of all the people that didn’t achieve their goal. I have not personally used this app, but after learning about it, I will surely be downloading it in the future.