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We Are Scientists hope to bring ‘new love’ to Columbus’ The Basement

We Are Scientists is set to perform at The Basement April 24. Credit: Courtesy of Dan Monick

We Are Scientists is set to perform at The Basement April 24.
Credit: Courtesy of Dan Monick

The New York-based alternative rock band We Are Scientists is aiming to bring a live experience unlike any other to the Columbus stage. They hope to invoke feelings of a “new love” by creating an intimate, audience-involved show, the likes of which they said are rare in today’s music industry.

Established as a side project to “have a hobby,” We Are Scientists formed in 2000. The current touring group consists of vocalist and guitarist Keith Murray, bassist Chris Cain and percussionist Keith Carne.

“It (the band) certainly was unexpected. In the early days, we absolutely didn’t start the band because we thought it would be a good career idea,” Cain added. “It was good way to kill time and have a hobby. It’s not like it happened overnight either. We formed the band in 2000, so 14 years is plenty of time to learn how to play the bass.”

The group is slated to play at The Basement Thursday.

Murray explained the band began in a different form, and throughout the years it has taken up inspiration from many artists.

“I was the original drummer in We Are Scientists, when drums meant a damn thing in this band,” said Murray with a laugh. “I think the two greatest vocalists, Dave Grohl and Phil Collins, both started out the same way.”

Cain agreed, saying the members never started out to create a popular band, and their current success was unexpected. He said when they formed the band, he didn’t even know how to play an instrument.

“I have no early musical career. I first picked up an instrument with We Are Scientists. Keith essentially taught me to play bass so that he could have a bass player,” Cain said.

Cain also related the best part of playing music is creating a good live show for the audience, so much so that it’s a different musical experience all together.

“You play a song a hundred times and you think you would get sick of it, and you do to a certain degree. When we have to rehearse for a tour, it’s almost agonizing to play the old songs because we’ve played them so many times, but playing them in front of an audience is a completely different experience,” Cain said. “Your experience is completely based on what the audience is thinking and feeling and how they’re expressing it. That’s something that makes every show different. It’s exciting.”

Cain also said the live show is unlike many others, citing audience interaction as the main attraction.

“We like to chatter in between songs. We like to talk to the audience and get them to talk to us. Hopefully it makes the show feel less like a rehearsed piece of theater to the audience, and more like a unique occurrence that they played a part in,” Cain said.

He also claimed the band’s show had the potential to be a life-changing experience.

“We’re gonna change the audience members’ lives. Anyone who hasn’t been to a We Are Scientists show needs to ask themselves if they’re ready for something new in the world,” Cain said. “Something that can provide that warm feeling in their chest that new love or taking home a puppy would also provide. We give you that with our show.”

Carne said We Are Scientists brings an interesting blend of talent to the stage, and it’s something which you won’t be able to find in many other places.

“Where else can you get a blend of dancing, Don Rickles, Don Henley and Nirvana?” Carne asked, then said, “The We Are Scientists show, that’s about it.”

Tickets for Thursday’s show are at $12 in advance and $15 the day of the show. The Basement is located at 391 Neil Ave.

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