As a sophomore, I am now more than halfway through my second Buckeye football season. Every week, I put on my colors and place a sticker my face and get ready for the heart-pounding action at game time. However, I have been surprised to find that the noise from the stands and the noise from the field sometimes don’t compare to the loud rumbling from my stomach on gameday. When I’m hungry, my stomach is the only thing I hear. Feeding that need set me on a search for the perfect gameday food spots that can satisfy me and get me ready for kickoff. So, here are my top five draft picks for gameday noshes.

Raising Cane’s, 1816 N. High St. 

Let’s start with the obvious; a stop at Cane’s has been a gameday tradition for Ohio State fans for years. Their “one love” is fresh chicken, and so is ours — as long as it’s from Cane’s. Plus, there’s nothing quite like waiting with other Buckeye fans in a seemingly never-ending line before the game. You know chomping down on the delicious chicken fingers and Texas toast (don’t forget Cane’s specialty sauce on the side) is worth the wait. Afterward, you’ll be ready to scream for victory on a full stomach.

Sicilia Fine Italian Specialties, 22 Frambes Ave.

For a fast score and a winning menu, Sicilia’s will fit right into your gameday plan. In fact, when it comes to carryout Italian, Sicilia Fine Italian is the perfect play to call. Sicilia’s pizzas all feature a crust that gives you the best combination of crunchy and chewy all in one bite. For extra points, they also give you their signature garlic sauce on the side for dipping. So huddle up with your friends and order a couple of pies. One thing I know for sure is that Sicilia makes every a Buckeye victory taste a little sweeter.

Eddie George’s Grille 27, 1636 N. High St.

Who knows what it takes to satisfy a Buckeye’s hunger better than Eddie George? More than a Buckeye Heisman Trophy winner and more than a star NFL player for nine seasons, Eddie feeds the need for gameday and everyday with his great menu. Located in the heart of High Street, Eddie George’s Grille not only has mouth-watering food, but the restaurant has tons of big screen TVs pointed your way so you won’t miss a single play no matter where you are sitting. 

Eddie George’s has mastered some of the best gameday foods in town including wings, sliders and my personal favorite: his National Champion Nachos featuring housemade queso and an avocado drizzle. Plus, Eddie George’s also has gluten free choices that are guaranteed winners.

Wings Over, 1315 W. Lane Ave. C2

For the people who agree that wings are an essential part of gameday, Wings Over definitely needs to be on your checklist as you prepare for all the action on and off the field. Their wings are hand battered and, as they say, “not that processed frozen junk.” I testify that you can taste the difference in every bite. For people like me who don’t want to get dirty, Wings Over has both bone-in and boneless wings. Score. Plus, don’t forget the multiple sauces you can choose for the side. And with an all-too-convenient order online option, why wouldn’t you get Wings Over to celebrate yet another Buckeye victory?

Charley’s Philly Steaks, 1912 N. High St.

With 500 locations around the world, it’s no surprise OSU has a Charley’s famous sub shop. You better believe that after 25 years of Charley’s working to perfect its Philly cheesesteaks, it has succeeded. With six different options of steak subs (including a mouth-watering “Bacon 3 Cheese Steak”) you are sure to find something that will fill your belly to the max. Charley’s subs are made with 100 percent USDA Choice steak, 100 percent all-white meat chicken breast and fresh deli meat so you won’t have to worry about regretting one bite. In addition to its to-die-for Philly cheesesteaks, Charley’s has never-ending options for different subs, and also the most ridiculous fries you’ll ever try.  When I hear cheddar, bacon, ranch and fries all the in the same sentence, I can promise that there is no stopping me. At Charley’s, they say when you’re hungry, you’re not alone, and I cannot agree more.