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The Scarlet Scoop: Cheap, new ways to buy textbooks

Buying textbooks can get expensive.

For that reason, Lantern TV broke down some of the newer and cheaper ways that students can buy textbooks. One of those options is Packback Books, a website that lets customers rent textbooks for 24-hour periods. Rentals from Packback Books cost less than $5 a day. This episode of “The Scarlet Scoop” explores that and many other textbook options.

Many students, faculty and Ohio State fans have been asking The Lantern editors where they can get a copy of the The Lantern‘s National Championship print edition. All of those print editions are gone and off the news stands, but there’s another print issue coming out that commemorates the Buckeyes’ win in Dallas. The details on where to find that paper can be found in this episode of “The Scarlet Scoop.”


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