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Kappa Kappa Gamma suspended after pledge reportedly hit by car


The Kappa Kappa Gamma national fraternity is currently investigating OSU’s Beta Nu chapter (pictured) after receiving information on a hazing incident that allegedly involved members of the sorority on OSU’s campus. Credit: Liz Young / Editor-in-chief

The Beta Nu chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma is under investigation from Ohio State.

After receiving a cease and desist letter earlier this week, The Columbus Dispatch reported that the university is investigating the women’s fraternity because a pledge was hit by a car while she was intoxicated.

The Dispatch reported that a 19-year-old student who was pledging was hit on Feb. 26 at the intersection of Indianola and 16th avenues, near Kappa Kappa Gamma’s house.

A member of the chapter told the Dispatch that the pledge had been released from the hospital and is recovering.

Dave Isaacs, spokesman for the Office of Student Life, said the cease and desist letter means the chapter must request permission and receive confirmation from Student Life prior to participating in any activities as a chapter or student organization.

The Kappa Kappa Gamma national women’s fraternity is also currently investigating OSU’s Beta Nu chapter after receiving information on a hazing incident that allegedly involved members of the sorority on OSU’s campus, said Elizabeth Bailey, Kappa Kappa Gamma national fraternity vice president.

This is not the first cease and desist order given to the chapter. A similar order was issued during an investigation by Student Conduct and the fraternity’s national organization in spring 2013.

Kappa Kappa Gamma is one of 17 national sororities at OSU governed by the Panhellenic Association. The association, which is part of the Panhellenic Association Conference, consists of more than 2,000 sorority women, according to its website.

Founded in 1870, Kappa Kappa Gamma’s headquarters are also located in Columbus, according to its website. OSU’s Beta Nu chapter was established on campus in 1888, the website said. It was the first women’s fraternity established at OSU.

“We are deeply disturbed to hear about the allegations against Kappa Kappa Gamma.The Panhellenic Association is committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which all of our members feel safe.” said Sally Triona, the vice president of public relations for the Panhellenic Association, in an email. “Both Kappa Kappa Gamma and PHA are fully cooperating with the University’s investigation.”


  1. Sally is so pretty and smart she is the best vice president of public relations the PHA has ever seen! Can’t wait to go to ~Nectar~ together <3

  2. Kappa or “Krappa” as my sister called it, before depledgiing, says KKG hazes all the time across the country. CSU, UConn, CU, Depauw (they were BRANDED) are a few that made national news. They were indoctrinated to beleive thery were better than anyone else, and only Kappas should be your close friends. She called it Krappa Krappa Cult. She went to another school and joined another sorority. Kappa pledges were encouraged to go online and downgrade their competitors, Pi Beta Phi, as ‘sluts’, because they are much better looking than most kappas, and Kappa Alpha Theta, as ‘pigs’. They were then told to upgrade KKG anytime they could as “klassy’. She couldn’t believe it, but mom says that is the KKG reputation, all facade and some of the loosest, drunks, with little sisterhood. They put the ‘big girls’ in the kitchen for recruitment or made them rush counselors. I found the Thetas to be smart and funny, the Pi Phis to be beautiuful and nice when I went thru recruitemt. The Kappas at my school are ‘bottom tier’ meaning they never get enough girls wanting them, and they are called ‘Krispy Kreme Grabbers’, and everyghing they say about others, sleeping around, overweight, homely, and honesltly, boring. God bless the Greek System!

  3. Christine Nelson

    Sounds lIkea someone didn’t get a bid.

    • That is the official blanket statement of Kappa. I did get an invitation on preference night and toes a better sorority. So go suck an egg!

      Why didn’t the university or Kappa National take any action in 2013?

      It’s because hazing is part of Kappa’s inherent culture or lack of class and culture..

      PS My younger sister dropped Kappa the first day because they were a bottom-tier sorority.

    • This is a blanket statement for all opposed who think everyone wants to be one of them.I did get an invitation to Kappa on preference night but chose a better sorority. The truth hurts, but not as much as a drunk Kappa getting hit by a car.

  4. That is the blanket statement for Kappa. They think everyone wants to be one and didn’t get an invitation. I did and chose another sorority on preference night. So go suck an egg!

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