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Letter to the editor: College Republicans should be commended for inviting David Horowitz

Letter to the editor:

Too often we hear about what someone is saying and less often actually hear them say it. One of the services a great university can provide is first-hand exposure to public figures even, or especially, those who are obnoxious. It’s a characteristic of the information age that news comes prefiltered, and filtering, regardless of the best intentions, is bias.

Demagogues like David Horowitz love to play the martyr — they need to be exposed and confronted in daylight to be defeated. I would love nothing better than to stand next to Mr. Horowitz on a stage and eviscerate his “arguments” point by point. But I would need to hear his points first to know how to combat him.

The College Republicans should be commended for having the strength and courage to invite Horowitz on campus to hear his views first-hand. Critics of providing him a forum should realize they are arguing in favor of ignorance in the middle of one of the best universities in the nation. Now that is an argument they are most unlikely to win.

Tom Lillis IV
Class of 2015
Fourth-year in Political Science


  1. Tom,

    You come across as a pompous demagogue.

  2. Mr. Lillis may sound pompous at times, but he is no demagogue. Well said Tom.

  3. Tom writes and thinks like a child.

  4. College Republicans absolutely did not invite David Horowitz for the purpose he suggests– understanding his argument to better combat it. They invited him to celebrate his ignorant perspective, which also strikes me as “arguing in favor of ignorance.”
    I like the thought, if a group invited Horowitz for critique and dialogue. But he wasn’t invited for dialogue, nor did he (surprise!) come in favor of dialogue. What an embarrassment for our CRs chapter.

  5. College Republicans should call on President Obama to recind the immunity he gave to Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield on war crimes in the Iraq war. The party of Abraham Lincoln is now the Party of every crook on Wall Steet, Billionairs, War profiteers, and people who have a disdain for the facts.

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