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Alcohol a factor in Ohio State student’s three-story fall

A Columbus Division of Police report states alcohol had been in use in the lead up to an incident involving an Ohio State student falling from the third-story window of her sorority house.

Kalynn Smith, an undergraduate in marketing, was rushed to Wexner Medical Center with serious injuries after being found lying in the rear of the Alpha Phi house on E. 15th Ave.

The incident occurred at about 3:20 a.m., according to a report by the Columbus Division of Police.

The report did not offer any additional details regarding the use of alcohol in relation to the incident.

Smith underwent surgery at Wexner Medical Center on Thursday after being admitted in critical condition, according to a Columbus police statement.

Columbus police spokeswoman Denise Alex-Bouzounis said Smith is expected to recover from her injuries.

Madison Nye, president of OSU’s Alpha Phi chapter, expressed concern on behalf of the sorority in an emailed statement Friday evening.

“Alpha Phi was deeply saddened to learn that Kalynn was hurt, and we are grateful for the wonderful support shown by the Ohio State community for her and our chapter in this time of deep concern for our loved sister,” said Nye, a third-year in marketing. “As devastating as this accident was, we will continue to support Kalynn and her family on her road to recovery.”

A university spokesman said the Office of Student Life is offering support to any affected students.

“Our thoughts are with Kalynn and her family and friends as she recovers from her injuries,” he said.

Representatives from the Alpha Phi International Women’s Fraternity were unavailable for immediate comment.

Assault Unit detectives conducted interviews with several witnesses after responding to the incident, according to the Columbus police statement.


Kyle Powell  and Ashley Nelson contributed to this article.


  1. Dmitriy Pilipenko

    How old was this young lady? How did she consume so much alcohol while being underage? I thought the legal drinking age was 21 years old

  2. Are you an imbecile? 96% of all kids aged 18-21 drink occasionally, especially in the Greek system. For 99% it’s not an issue, 1% can’t handle themselves because Americans make drinking such a big deal they go crazy. In Europe 17 year olds and have a pint and it’s no big deal. A 21 year old drinking age is foolishness. This girl acted like a fool and hurt herself. It happens, it’s sad when they hurt someone else.

  3. Concerned OSU Student

    Are there any updates available about her condition?

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