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Listen Up: Remixes and good luck make this week’s best songs

It is easy to fall into a hole on Soundcloud, where one bedroom producer leads you to another, then another, and before you know it, you’re listening to a mix of the best Russian house music of 2013. But now that Soundcloud is venturing into paid subscriptions, it might become less of a free music hub than it once was.

What might be one of the best releases of the week, Lido’s “The Life of Peder,” has not yet been put on Soundcloud. It can be found for free elsewhere, a sign that charging for what has always been free might not be in Soundcloud’s best interest.

“The Life of Peder” by Lido

Kanye West publicly tinkered with his album “The Life of Pablo” since its release a month ago, before it was made available for purchase and streaming last weekend. But before Spotify listeners could hear it, another version of the album was being made — a remix that almost matched the original’s quality.

Lido is a Norwegian producer with his share of Soundcloud fame, but he blew up last week when he posted an eight-minute remix on his website that included almost every song from “The Life of Pablo.” He called it “The Life of Peder” — Lido’s name offstage being Peder Losnegård.

It has four main parts, in which Lido weaves different beats, lyrics and melodies from “Pablo” together. There are also plenty of outside additions, such as samples from “Black Skinhead” and West’s infamous “I’ma let you finish” speech. He adds vocals and synths over “Father Stretch My Hands” and mixes the instrumental from “Highlights” with the a capella “I Love Kanye” to brilliant effect.

The best moment comes at the end of “I Love Kanye,” with Lido chopping up West’s chuckle and throwing a rumbling beat behind it. The mix transitions into a mellow outro that ends with the eerie whistling from “Wolves.”

It’s bit of a mind-bending listen, especially if you have spent a large amount of time listening to “The Life of Pablo.” The songs are given a second life, ingeniously blended into one. It has been said that this is just part one, but whether there is enough material left for a part two probably doesn’t matter, because Lido could take just about anything and make it insanely listenable.

“Summer Songs” by Lil Yachty

This album was put back on streaming services after a few weeks away, in time for a proper summer release.

Yachty is part of the next wave of left-of-mainstream rappers coming out of Atlanta. His sound centers on his mumbled half-rapped, half-sung delivery above sparkling, low-key beats.

“Flexin On my Ex’s” is about as strange, and great, as the album gets. The beat is so simple that it sounds unfinished. Its main riff is perfect for the theme song for an educational program on PBS. Vocals are slurred just enough to make lines like, “I just bought a new watch ‘cause it was time,” sound ingenious.

“Come Up” is another highlight, a sleepily mesmerizing track that has Yachty trying out his best boasts.

It is not a perfect release, but it is the sound of someone just starting to figure out his sound and head down his lane. Expect to hear his name a lot more.

“You Don’t Have to Be Alone” by DJDS with Charlie Wilson

An attempt at clearing a sample from a 2005 Charlie Wilson record ended with the producing duo DJDS in the studio with the legendary soul singer. Hardly ever does the nightmarish process of sample clearance end this well, and the three made the best of it.

“You Don’t Have to Be Alone” is a powerful, pulsating track that reaches its peak and somehow keeps climbing. Use this song to help make it up a hill on your next run, then maybe shed a tear

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