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Columbus band Kid Runner will perform an EP release show on Aug. 26. Credit: Courtesy of Alex Broadstock

Columbus’ Own: Kid Runner is on a quest to conquer the country

Before it’s nation-wide run, local band Kid Runner will celebrate its newest work in its hometown.

Now, on the eve of the release show for the band’s fourth official release — an EP, “Body Language” — Kid Runner is ready for the world to hear its sound.

“We’re the most excited about this release than we have been about any other release,” said vocalist and keyboardist Fran Litterski. “It just feels very us and it’s the peak of our collaboration.”

The six-song, 20-minute project debuted on Aug. 12, and, so far, the band sees fans latching on to all different songs, with no clear favorites.

During the creation of Kid Runner’s most recent EP, the band switched up the songwriting process.

“Before, it was more step-by-step —so we would come up with melody ideas and then write our parts individually— whereas I think this time around we were like, ‘Let’s just kind of jam things out and see where they go,’” vocalist Drew Lizon said.

Litterski also listed fewer samples and a more organic, jam-based approach as ways that aided the creative process.

Due to the more organic approach, Kid Runner increased the pace at which it cranks out tunes.

“Everything came really naturally, none of the songs were forced at all and I think it really showcases all of our different writing,” Lizon said.

Guitarist Kurt Keaner, bassist Scott Griffin and drummer Bobby Heigel round out the five-piece indie-pop band that has continued to evolve sonically. Lizon and Litterski see “Don’t Change Me,” one of the tracks on the EP as a showcase of  the band’s diversity and ability to use each other’s talents. The lyrics of the track feature sentiments of not falling into the music industry’s hole of conventionality.

Kind of like the single says, you can’t really categorize us in a certain way,” Litterski said. “You might put alt-pop on it, but some of these songs don’t really sound alt-pop.”

Litterski echoed Lizon’s lyrics by mentioning that it’s difficult to define the lead vocalist.

“Since we’re classified as this alt-pop, indie-pop band, Drew was talking about how a lot of people assume he’s going to be this outgoing lead singer,” Litterski said.

Kid Runner is ready to take the next major step as a band: achieve national fame. Litterski toured with Boston-based Magic Man for more than 30 shows in April and May, and said she is ready for another journey outside of Ohio. But first, the band will take the stage in its hometown.

“If it’s like this in Columbus, other cities can’t be bad, so we got to reach out and expand our market,” Lizon said. “Columbus had definitely given us some confidence in trying to make that happen.”

The band will visit cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia and New York City on its tour starting in the end of September.

“Obviously we all have our own jobs that we’re doing outside of this, but I think obviously the end goal is to not to have those jobs and to make music as our full-time job,” Litterski said.

Kid Runner will be hosting a release party for “Body Language” at Skully’s Music Diner on Friday at 9 p.m. Opening for the band will be local acts Captain Kidd and Label Me Lecter. Tickets cost $10.

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