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Clinton to student supporters: ‘There’s a lot to be proud of, but there’s a lot of work still to do’

Hillary Clinton delivers a speech at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center on June 21. Credit: Sheridan Hendrix | Lantern Reporter

Hillary Clinton delivers a speech at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center on June 21. Credit: Sheridan Hendrix | Lantern Reporter

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton joined student organizations across the country in a conference call on Thursday with a sense of both gratitude and — with 61 days until the election — urgency.

“This is going to be close, that’s the way our presidential elections are in America now,” Clinton said.

The call, which the Clinton campaign invited The Lantern to join, was a chance for campaign staff to brief students on strategy, as well as for Clinton to answer questions from students and thank them for their work.

Kunoor Ojha, Clinton’s national campus and student organizing director, went over parts of the campaign’s millennial outreach plans, such as registering voters, having campaign staffers work with campus groups, and recruiting college students as interns.

She also highlighted the fact that millennials nearly match baby boomers as the largest share of the electorate, calling millennials “enough of a voting block as a generation to actually decide the outcome.”

Clinton emphasized the importance of getting millennials to register to vote, and volunteer to register others.

“As you know, we are running a drive to register and convince 3 million Americans to vote by election day – something that’s never been done before – we can’t get there without you,” she said.

Clinton went on to emphasize the seriousness of the voter registration plan’s potential outcome.

“You know the stakes couldn’t be higher,” said Clinton. “And I hear from so many young people that the hatred and bigotry we’ve been hearing from the candidate on the other side goes against everything our country and young people – especially this generation – stand for.”

Clinton made it clear her goals extended further than just winning the election. She discussed her plans to address the economy and work toward debt-free college.

“If you have student debt and you want to start a business, I want to put a moratorium on your having to pay back student debt for three years,” Clinton said, citing a story she heard from a college graduate in Iowa, who told her his student loans held him back from becoming a business owner.

Jake Vasilj, a third-year in political science and history and OSU College Democrats president, who was on the call, echoed Clinton’s concerns about the cost of higher education.

“If you’re getting saddled with a lot of debt this early in your career and life, it can make big impacts on the kinds of decisions you make going forward. Secretary Clinton understands that students don’t need to be limited by burdensome student debt,” he said.

And with the election two months away, Clinton is relying on students like Vasilj to convey her message.

“There’s a lot to be proud of, but there’s a lot of work still to do,” Clinton said.

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  1. We’ve all heard the strong stand Hillary Clinton has taken on immigration and how much she intends to increase immigrant’s numbers. Obama has permitted over one million university trained foreign workers to live here and apply for our jobs. In addition, Obama’s bending immigration regulations to increase the number of university trained foreign workers to hundreds of thousands more. Hillary is all for increasing this program and will take over after Obama’s term. Donald Trump has promised to reform the H-1B program, transferring 600,000 guest worker jobs back to American Graduates. Read this article confirming this: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/09/28/obama-prepares-give-away-white-collar-jobs-citizenship-foreign-graduates/. Hillary is a habitual liar who constantly turns Trumps words around and lies about him, yet he’s fighting for jobs for the American graduate and unemployed workers. We can’t have someone in the White House who is a habitual liar and who does not know how to keep confidential information confidential. While Trump is in the inner cities talking to minorities about how he’ll bring back jobs, increase their wages and send their children to the school of their choice, Hillary has been spending time in the Hamptons and Hollywood with all the movie stars and wealthy people. She’d never to into inner cities because she doesn’t care about minorities. She calls Trump a bigot but he’s shown that he’s genuinely interested in helping ALL Americans, including minorities live a better life, while she’s rubbing elbows with the rich & famous. This foreign worker program is a big deal to all of us, yet Hillary just doesn’t get it and doesn’t care. Why should our jobs be filled by foreign workers and not our own graduates? Where is Hillary and why is she not fighting for you?

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