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Protester tackled at anti-Trump rally ‘working to drop the charges’

Shane Michael Stanton tackles Tim Adams during a protest in the Ohio Union on Nov. 15. Credit: Grace Fleisher | Lantern Reporter

Shane Michael Stanton tackles Tim Adams during a protest in the Ohio Union on Nov. 15. Credit: Grace Fleisher | Lantern Reporter

Tim Adams, the protester who was tackled inside the Ohio Union during a Monday night rally protesting President-elect Donald Trump, announced on Tuesday that he is seeking to drop the charges of assault filed against Shane Michael Stanton, the student who tackled him.

In a public Facebook post, Adams said the decision came after “it was clear that my assault was not politically motivated in the way that we previously thought, nor was it committed by a Trump supporter.”

Adams, a lead organizer with International Socialist Organization-Columbus, was delivering a speech on the steps leading to the second floor of the Union on Monday night to a crowd of protesters when Stanton descended the steps behind Adams’ back, shoving him and knocking him down.

Stanton’s mother confirmed to The Columbus Dispatch on Tuesday evening that her son has Asperger Syndrome, a developmental condition on the higher-functioning end of the autism spectrum. People with Asperger Syndrome often struggle with social, sensory and communication skills. Friends of Stanton told The Lantern late Monday evening that his condition might have been a factor in his actions.

Lori Shelley, president and executive director the the Asperger Autism Spectrum Education Network, a nonprofit that offers education and advocacy for issues surrounding autism-spectrum conditions, said there was no correlation between Asperger Syndrome and violence. But loud noises and lights can lead to people with Asperger Syndrome acting before thinking about consequences.

“It doesn’t just annoy them, they can’t focus on anyone else,” Shelley said. “It’s almost like assault on the brain … If you see a reaction, it’s usually a loud reaction. There’s nothing subtle about the reaction, there’s frustration you see.”

The Columbus branch of the International Socialists Organization, which organized the rally, released the following statement on Tuesday, which reads, in part:

“Because there were several individual Trump supporters heckling the crowd throughout the night, because of the nature of the statements the man yelled as he tackled Tim, and, given the reports and experiences of violence and threats of violence from right-wing individuals across the country and at OSU, most witnesses reasonably assumed the assailant was a Trump supporter. Initially, with the information available, Tim felt it was important that white nationalists not be further emboldened by this action and decided to pursue criminal charges in the hopes that it might play some role in protecting movement activists from similar or potentially worse harm in the future.

“Since last night, however, we have learned that the man, an OSU student, is not a right-wing activist and was himself upset by the Trump election. We have received further information we will not disclose to protect the man’s privacy, but which has made us confident he should not face charges for the action.

“Tim and other ISO members are in the process of reaching out to police, prosecutors, and this student’s family and friends to have charges dropped immediately and to ensure his quick release from jail.”

Stanton posted bail for assault charges on Tuesday morning after his arraignment in Franklin County Municipal Court. Stanton, his family and his attorney declined to comment at the courthouse. The Lantern has reached out to Adams for further comment.

Update, 8:19 p.m.: This article was updated information about Stanton’s condition.


  1. So wait a second… if he was a violent Trump supporter he should be prosecuted, but a violent Trump protestor should not be prosecuted?

    • This is what I don’t understand. Hes not being prosecuted because hes not a trump supporter?

    • No it was bc the man has a disability which makes him have difficulty reacting and reading social situations.

      • How is that different from a trump supporter?

        • We trump supporters didn’t assault people, riot, and block highways when Obama got elected, unlike like the Democrats.

          • That’s not what we saw at trump rallies. Plenty of violence when your in groups.

          • With that statement, you shouor include the FACT that ALL the violence at President Trump’s rallies was paid Democrats right outa Robert Creamers addrss book.

            Leftism IS violence. Read history, morons.

          • @NJMike: Before you start calling people names, how about you review the history of the American Civil Rights movement, the farmworkers’ movement, the peace movement?

            History existed before the internet became a platform for propaganda against people who had to demonstrate in peace for their rights.

            Read it, then come back and apologize – if you have the courage.

          • So, NJMike, got a source for that “ALL the violence at President Trump’s rallies was[sic] paid Democrats right outa [sic] Robert Creamers [sic] book”?

            Oh, and check your grammar and spelling next time, okay?

          • wow, NJMike, you really like to suck down the koolaide, don’t you?

          • Go watch the Veritas series before replying to NJMike, you’re making yourselves look stupid. These are organised protests funded by radical left wing NGO’s. I’m still waiting for proof of this mass wave of violent Trump supporters, all I see are victims and bird-doggers. How many people have died because they supported Hillary? Mitchell Mormon Jr. was shot dead outside an Atlanta club on Saturday night. He was on a first date. Killed because he JOKINGLY said he supported Trump. Start owning your anti Trump rhetoric you murderers.

    • Later information surfaced that this man may have a disability which makes it difficult for him to read social situations .

    • cozzmo Kramer:

      First of all, there’s no evidence that the Trump protester was violent. Second, it’s his right to express his opinion of Trump, as long as he doesn’t stray into the area of hate speech… and again, there’s no evidence that he did.

      Apparently, the person who pushed him not only had no political motive in doing so, apparently it was an accident caused by a cognitive disability on the part of that person.

      Are you now proposing to prosecute anyone with a disability? That might be something I could expect from a person who believes in N@zi teachings.

      • Here we see the level of crazy in Left-wingers’ muddled brains.

        Assault is OK. So long as the perpetrator is a fellow Leftist.

        This is why you lost and will keep losing. America’s fed-up with crazies like you running around without adult supervision.

        • Er, what? If someone having a seizure hits you while they’re in the middle of one, do you call the cops? If a wheelchair user runs over your toe, do you sue them? Or do you check their political affiliation first?

          Compassion and accommodation > getting someone arrested sometimes.

          • People with Asperger’s Syndrome are not retarded dude, they’re just socially awkward. It is not an excuse for commuting violent assault

      • Here you go, snowflake. Take this pic to the bathroom and do you know what while gazing at it. You’ll feel better:


      • And it’s not as if it’s even the university who decided to drop charges; it’s the protester who was attacked.

      • M. Davison I agree with 2 thirds what you said, but not to prosecute anyone with a disability is ridiculous. If he attacked him with a hatchet or gun you would not prosecute? The man pushed another person down a flight of stairs. Society needs to be protected from people who would do horribly violent crimes like this. It wasn’t a gentle push it was a violent attack.

    • Well if he didn’t mean it then he shouldn’t be prosecuted. Like Hillary. She didn’t mean to break the law, she just did everything knowingly illegal but with only the best intentions. Same thing here. He had good intentions so that’s all that matters.

    • Too slow to get the point, are you?

      Pay attention, moron. The kid is autistic, so the Hilary supporter is dropping charges because he is not a jerk.

    • A person with Aspergers cannot abide extreme confusion, and especially loud noises like screaming through a megaphone. He just went into panic mode – I have watched it happen with my son – and their actions are very sudden and impulsive when their brain is being assaulted by confusion.

  2. They pulled that lie out and OSU fell for it. OF COURSE he will say he is not a supporter now that he is facing JAIL time, kicked our of school, etc. BOGUS LIE from the attacker and they all fell for it. Buuuut, if it was a POC…

    • I went to high school with the guy who pushed him he is NOT a trump supporter, he has a form of autism and he has difficulty grasping the consequences of his actions as well as reading social situations. he is not heartless nor is he evil nor does he even have an agenda, he is literally unable to view the world the same way most humans are and this was a mistake. there’s no conspiracy here.

    • You don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together. So his friends, associates, and parents are all lying in your mind. Well why aren’t YOU President since it sounds like you’re such a genius.

    • you have no idea what you are talking about, my son is autistic and he too has big problems when hearing loud noises and yelling…. he gets very upset– pushes him to get very angry and will run away from it and takes him awhile before he is back to himself. i totally get what happened.. has nothing to do with a political agenda..period

  3. But why did he tackle him? Just to be an ass? Not understanding this.

  4. So… because the person wasn’t a trump supporter, he gets away with it. But if he had a MAGA had… OH MAN he would be on the front of CNN and be put in jail and the victim would hammer home charges.

    What a world we live in, where politics decides on the outcome of a crime. (Hillary’s Emails *wink*)

    These SJW should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Charges are being dropped NOT bc he wasnt a trump supporter, rather bc protester who was tackled has an open mind and had an open heart to take into account information which surfaced from people who know the assailant. The information was that the man may have a disability which makes it difficult for him to read social situations.

      If the man was not a trump supporter but was still trying to cause harm and stop a peaceful protest, then he would still be charge but AGAIN this situation had special circumstances.

      • “Since last night, however, we have learned that the man, an OSU student, is not a right-wing activist and was himself upset by the Trump election”

        Then why mention this though?.
        Why not say what everybody suspect that he had a disability.

        If he had been a trump supporter the narrative would have remained intact.

        • Not exactly. From what I’ve heard, the dude’s family wanted to keep these details private. It seems that without the family’s permission, the newspaper would not be at liberty to disclose this information. (FERPA, I believe.)

      • No, the charges are being dropped because the person who was attacked found out that the attacker was a fellow Hillary supporter and he didn’t want to make his precious candidate look bad. The only “special circumstance” is that a Hillary supporter mistakenly attacked his own party members and is now getting off scot-free by blaming his autism. If he was a Trump supporter his autism would be considered irrelevant and the victim would be actively seeking justice. Apparently, for leftists, justice is only sought when it doesn’t interfere with your political agenda.

  5. There are reports that the attacker was autistic, this is most likely the reason why Mr. Adams is looking to drop the charges – if true this has nothing to do with politics.

    • I know Shane and he’s not autistic. Who’s making that stuff up? The only think he does here is yell “You idiot!” and push a guy down a flight of stairs. I’m not defending him but he’s definitely not autistic.

      • That’s how the Left works. There’s always an excuse for criminal violence. The perpetrators are never responsible for their actions.

        And the agenda always comes first: more important to sweep this under the rug than to let divisive facts be aired out in public.

      • Well his parents said he has Asperger’s and so did his friends, so I think most of us might be more inclined to believe them.

  6. You all need to learn how to read between the lines. Clearly, the guy has a mental disorder like autism and came unhinged by the noise and commotion. The victim was prepared to press charges if this were a Trump supporter that dove into him, but has the compassion to recognize that a mentally challenged person should be treated differently — it’s all a matter of intent and capacity.

  7. It’s just TOO funny that all the SJW’s were CERTAIN the guy was a Trump supporter, only, oops! He wasn’t. But that won’t change their narrative, that Trump = evil. Grow up, snowflakes!

  8. My son is Autistic. As soon as I saw the video something went on in my brain. The protester has a megaphone, the echo and overall noise in that space should be very disturbing for someone like him. My son would go crazy in that circumstances… my theory is that in his mind (attacker’s) the protester was a threat for the people in front of him.

  9. Don’t just protest. Run for office, city council, school boards,… Michael Tubbs did, so can you.

  10. Clearly he has a mental disorder and it’s a good thing charges will be dropped. How about charges for the coward who jumped on him throwing punches while he is down. Only to run when the police show up? Straight up coward.

    • I completely agree. Screw that coward who ran off after the altercation. If he did nothing wrong he would have stayed but he knew he was in the wrong and just looking for a reason to hit a person who was clearly smaller than him. I hope that guy’s identity is made public.

  11. It’s very gracious of Tim Adams to be so understanding. Good for him.

  12. Shane Stanton is a registered Democrat. Look at the last sentence (obviously buried as deep in this story by left-leaning NBC News as possible) in this article. http://nbc4i.com/2016/11/14/osu-protester-tackled-while-demonstrating-against-pres-elect-trump/ This is typical of many of the incidences of violence that took place at some of the Trump rallies — incited by the leftists, and then tried to blame the violence on Trump supporters tp make them look bad.

  13. For those of you that are a little slow: THIS WAS A FAKED ATTACK, PLANNED BY ALL INVOLVED!

  14. The comments in this thread just reinforce my belief that most Trump supporters/right-wingers just aren’t very bright and have a basic reading comprehension problem. The information is in the article for all to see, and these guys simply ignore it. What part of the attacker suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome didn’t you understand?

    And of course, without the slightest shred of actual evidence, you all know exactly what happened, here (the attack was faked) and elsewhere (all violence at Trump rallies was caused by left-wing infiltrators). With each new post, people in this camp just further confirm that they lack the most basic cognitive reasoning skills.

    (P.S. As to the notion of “fake” attacks, will you please identify the attacks at this link (https://storify.com/The74/school-violence-over-elections-and-trump-increasin?utm_source=embed&utm_medium=publisher&utm_campaign=embed-header) that were “faked”? In particular, the ones for which there is audio, video and photographic evidence.)

    • Mike — Unfortunately it appears as if you have a bit of a reading comprehension problem yourself. I stated above “many” and “some”, yet you changed it to “all”, as in “…(all violence at Trump rallies was caused by left-wing infiltrators)”. Sorry, but your feeble attempt to escalate my statement failed miserably. And, you totally ignored the fact that Stanton is a registered Democrat. Staged event? Perhaps. I would not doubt it.

      In the words of the infamous Harry Reid, “We won. You lost.”

      As for Asperger’s syndrome, I fully understand it. I have a close nephew who has it for the 18 years of his life. Asperger’s may have been a part of this scenario, but it could well have been staged as well.

      Get over it. We won. You lost. Move on.

      • Bob —

        Thank you for confirming your comprehension problem. You addressed virtually none of the points in my post, choosing instead to focus on “all” vs. “some” as if this was your big “gotcha” moment. For the record, I wasn’t responding specifically to anything you posted, but rather to the general tone and content of many posts in this thread — some of which did indeed say “all.” So perhaps you need to get over yourself.

        I ignored Stanton being a registered Democrat because I found this of far less relevance to the story than the fact that he has Aspberger’s Syndrome, and which many have noted (and YOU have ignored) is a rational explanation for his actions. But because it suits your world view so well, you find the notion of this incident being staged to be more attractive. Says a lot about you.

        Now I’d like to ask you what exactly your clever “We won. You lost. Get over it” has to do with this story…or anything else for that matter. Are you saying that those who did not favor a Trump presidency are to just shut up and go away now? We’re no longer permitted to comment on ongoing events as they unfold…is that it? Please be clear on what you meant by this statement.

        Perhaps we can clarify your answer by turning it around and asking you whether, should Clinton have won the presidency instead, you would have immediate ceased any and all online commenting. Please be honest with your answer — that is, if you have it in you.

  15. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

    God has spoken. Sending in a mentally retarded kid to knock down Satan’s workers. LMAO. Hilarious. Predatory tactics on the down low.

    • Pardon me if I don’t take seriously the comments of an asshole who doesn’t know the difference between mentally retarded and autistic.

  16. The left is very tolerant, as long as you agree with them.

  17. I like how the guy is saying he’s not wanting to press charges. Um unless he’s a Franklin county prosecutor or even an officer, that’s totally out if his control. That’s not how the system works. The state or city/town controls that all and picks up the charges to pull income in for the courts and police department. Im sure many will incorrectly argue that because I need to explain even furthermore for them.

  18. This was an absolutely obscene, violent attack. Aspergers is not an excuse to attack anyone. That individual, sick or not, should be charged with assault and (in my opinion), convicted and sent to jail. Society does not need violent lunatics like that loose on the street. Protests can be loud, they can be obnoxious: but they are protected by our Bill of Rights! Violently attacking anyone is a criminal offense, period.

  19. Not politically motivated? He even shouted “I’m with her… you idiot!” while charging down the stairs. It seems that the attacker mistook the situation (probably due to his aspergers) and thought he was attacking a Trump supporter when in reality he was attacking members of his own political party. Funny how it’s suddenly “not politically motivated” when it’s revealed that he was actually a Hillary supporter attempting to attack what he thought was a Trump supporter. The hypocrisy here is astounding.

  20. Cultural Marxist Slayer

    I’ve had it. Hillary/Obama anarchist mob takes to beating the pulp out of teen suffering Asperger’s Syndrome who is himself a Hillary/Obama supporter. His uncontrollable outburst does not give these democrat domestic terrorists the right to take the law into their own hands. The teen was attacked by someone he did not threaten one bit, it was pure vigilante vengeance. The law needs to crack down on the Trump hating domestic terrorists. Enough is enough.

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