OSU cornerbacks and special teams coach Kerry Coombs talks to the media on March 30 at the Woody Hayes Athletic Complex. Credit: Jacob Myers | Managing editor

Ohio State released the contracts for cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs and defensive coordinator Greg Schiano for the upcoming season. Both coaches received a raise in base salary from the past season.

According to USA Today, last season, Coombs made $429,500 and Schiano made $600,000 while working as co-defensive coordinator with now-Cincinnati Bearcats coach Luke Fickell. In 2017, Coombs will be making $500,000 in 2017. And now as the lone defensive coordinator, Schiano will now be making $700,000 in 2017. Both contracts expire after one year.

Like most other coaches in college football, the contracts of the coaches come with incentives that can be added to the base salary if certain conditions are met.

Both Coombs and Schiano will receive an 8.5 percent raise on their salary if OSU wins the Big Ten East. If the team wins the conference championship, another 4.25 percent will be added. If the Buckeyes win just nine games and participate in a non-College Football playoff bowl game, there will still be a 4.25 percent incentive added to the contracts.

Should the Buckeyes advance to a postseason CFP game, each coach will see a 17 percent incentive tacked on to their contracts. In addition, the coaches will see a 21.25 percent incentive if the team loses in the semifinal game, and a 25.5 percent incentive if OSU should win.

If certain incentives are reached, Schiano would be in a position to make over $1 million in salary in the 2017 season. If OSU wins the Big Ten East, the Big Ten Championship and reaches the national championship game, Schiano will earn a total of $386,750 in incentives, in addition to his $700,000 base salary, totalling $1,086,750. If the Buckeyes win the Big Ten East, the Big Ten Championship and lose in a semi-final game, Schiano will add $357,000 in incentives, still pushing his total salary above the $1 million mark ($1,057,000).

Both coaches have included in their contract a $600 monthly stipend to be used towards a car payment.

If the coaches decide to resign and take an assistant coaching position at any Power 5 school, Notre Dame or BYU for any time up to a year after resigning before Dec. 1, 2017, both coaches would have to pay OSU $30,000 as liquidated damages. The coach may accept an assistant coaching position at any time after the aforementioned date and not be obligated to pay the $30,000. There would be no payment necessary for a move to a head coaching position.