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Concert review: LANY brings a taste of California to Columbus

Los Angeles pop trio LANY brought its talents to Newport Music Hall Thursday night. | Credit: Kendall Trudick

Los Angeles-based pop trio LANY brought its sappy, electronica-infused vibes to the Newport Music Hall stage Thursday night, melting the hearts of a sold-out crowd.

Clad in all black, lead vocalist and guitarist Paul Klein, drummer Jake Goss and keyboardist Les Priest cranked out love song after love song. LANY’s set was written especially for the millennial generation, seducing the ears of its eager audience.

Toying the crowd with his cool-guy persona and an ego that screamed “California,” Klein made intimate eye contact and sleazed around the stage as he effervescently performed hits such as “Dumb Stuff,” “Good Girls” and “ILYSB.”

Interactions with the audience and long-held notes were followed by deafening screams as Klein flipped his long hair and danced underneath a technicolored light show that contrasted the band’s black ensembles.

The group faced a few technical difficulties early on in the show as Klein switched between guitar and keyboard, which created long gaps between the first few songs. However, LANY did not let the interruption deter it from its two ultimate goals: having a great time and making people cry.

It succeeded in both.

Norwegian popstar Dagny opened the show with a heavily backtracked sound that emphiasized her ice-blonde pop look and complemented that of LANY’s.

Although corny at times, LANY’s sappy lyrics and its dreamy sound blended together to epitomize the idea of young love and the happiness and unavoidable trials that come with it.

The group’s brilliantly produced show spoke volumes to the success it has found as a band and hinted at the future success yet to come.

Surrounded by fangirls, frat stars and dads, I entered the Newport a LANY skeptic. After accompanying them through its West Coast dreamland, I emerged a newfound fan.

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