Credit: Chandler Gerstenslager | Assistant Design Editor

For Ohio State students, off-campus living can range anywhere from $350 to $5,000 for a house or apartment’s total monthly rent, according to Ohio State’s off campus housing website.

The price depends on many factors, including number of roommates, number of bedrooms and the overall quality of the home. The main factor that affects price is location.

The closer you get to campus, the listings on apartments and houses significantly increase in cost when compared to similar quality housing farther away, according to the listings on Ohio State’s Office of Student Life’s off-campus and commuter services website.

The website has many expenses listed that potential off-campus students can use in consideration before moving away from on-campus residence halls.

Rent, utilities, renter’s insurance, food, books and parking are just a few of the different costs that students need to be prepared to pay when they move into an off-campus home.

“You should utilize a budget to keep track of your money,” the website adds.

Credit: Chandler Gerstenslager | Assistant Design Editor

The website also warns to not live in an area just to save in housing costs. “Always feel comfortable with the area you are in at any time of the day and safety is the highest priority,” it reads.

The average cost of rent for students is a little over $500,  according to Ohio State’s Undergraduate Student Government’s renter’s guide. Adding to cost, a little less than two utilities on average are included in rent.

Common utilities are gas, heat, water, electricity, cable connection for TV and high-speed internet. With only about two utilities typically included in rent, these costs add up.

Shamina Merchant, director of student affairs for USG, said the amount of utilities included in rent is relatively consistent among landlords in the past few years.

“The same landlords had the same similar number of utilities and average rent prices,” she said.

Ohio State’s Office of Student Life’s off-campus and commuter services has answers for many questions, she said, because doing one’s own research is a large part of finding a house or apartment.

“It is important to look at the total cost of living instead of just the total rent price,” Merchant said. “When you factor in all utilities it increases the price of living per month.”

One common piece of advice the commuter service website and Merchant have is to do your own homework when looking for a place to live; find something that works for you in terms of comfort, safety and price.